Dylan's Virtual Visit Story

Scott Fairbairn’s son, Dylan, has been seeing Janna Hansen-Nolin, SCP, and Kelly Decious, OT, for speech and occupational therapy for over a year. “The new Virtual Visit option at Pella Regional gave my son a way to continue to see important people in his life during COVID-19, and that made a huge difference emotionally for him in the week we started Virtual Visits,” said Scott.

Dylan is autistic and struggles to keep attention for longer periods of time. “It is sometimes a long process for him to come to a regular speech or occupational therapy appointment because we have to go from the parking lot into the building and then register and wait until it is time for the appointment,” said Scott. “It gets to be a little long for him.” Pella Regional’s Therapy Services offered Scott Virtual Visits for his son instead of on-site appointments. Scott didn’t think his son would be a great candidate, but decided to try it anyway.

“I was blown away by the Virtual Visit,” said Scott. “By having a Virtual Visit, we could skip the parking lot, and walking through the building and waiting for the appointment. The visit itself took 20 minutes and even though it may have taken less time than an actual on-site visit, we thought the quality of the appointment was just as good, if not better!”

Scott would recommend Virtual Visits if it is encouraged by the provider and if the patient is willing to try. “My son’s Virtual Visits exceeded my expectations by leaps and bounds and we were really happy with the process and provider interaction and outcome."