Obadiah's Virtual Visit Story

Jackie and Obadiah

Four-year-old Obadiah Ryun has been seeing Jackie Hoskins, CCC-SLP, for speech therapy for over a year. Obadiah was offered a Virtual Visit appointment instead of an on-site visit due to the COVID-19 pandemic. “Our household is immunocompromised and we try to minimize leaving the house if we can,” said Tresa Ryun, Obadiah’s mom. “The Virtual Visit gave us the opportunity to continue his therapy sessions.”

Virtual Visits also helped Obadiah emotionally because he was able to continue his sessions with “Ms. Jackie” and still able to see an important person in his life. “It is a blessing as a parent to see the process and have a new admiration for the hard work that goes into each session by the therapist,” said Tresa.  

Tresa is grateful for the Virtual Visit option for Obadiah during this time and would recommend Virtual Visits to other patients and their families. “I would rate the Virtual Visit experience a 10,” said Tresa. “The instructions were easy to follow to set up the Virtual Visit and we didn’t have to leave our house to continue Obadiah’s dedicated time with Jackie.”