Wound Care

Get advanced wound care close to home at Pella Regional Health Center in Pella, Iowa. Rely on our experienced team to heal your wound in the shortest amount of time possible – so you have less pain and can enjoy a better quality of life.

When to See a Specialist

You may benefit from visiting a wound care clinic if you have an injury or sore that:

  • Has not healed in 30 days
  • Is infected
  • Is red, swollen, painful, or bad-smelling

What Happens If a Wound Goes Untreated?

Protect your health by getting prompt care for wounds. Open and non-healing wounds put you at risk for infection. Infections can cause serious complications and threaten your life.

Conditions We Treat

Look to Pella Regional if you need wound healing services for:

  • Arterial ulcers (ischemic ulcers) – Sores caused by poor blood flow
  • Burns – Skin damage caused by heat, chemicals, electricity, sunlight, or radiation
  • Diabetic foot ulcers – Wounds, usually on the bottom of the foot, that happen to people with diabetes
  • Osteomyelitis – Bone infection
  • Pressure ulcers (bedsores) – Skin damage from staying in one position too long
  • Radiation injuries – Skin changes caused by radiation therapy
  • Surgical wound complications – Open or infected wounds from surgery
  • Venous ulcers – Sores caused by blood pooling in your legs because of circulation (blood flow) problems

Your Care Team

Partner with our experienced providers for safe, effective treatments and support – so you can focus on healing. Your team at Pella Regional may include:

  • Doctor who specializes in wound care
  • Podiatrist (foot doctor)
  • Nurses with advanced training in wound care

Wound Care Team 2022

Your First Appointment: What to Expect

You’ll spend about 75 to 90 minutes at your first wound care appointment. During this visit, your care team may:

  • Review your health and medical history
  • Review your current medications
  • Ask about the history of your wound, including what treatments you’ve tried
  • Examine your wound
  • Check for infection
  • Perform simple, noninvasive tests to check blood flow and how much oxygen is in the tissue around the wound

How to Prepare

To help your appointment go as smoothly as possible, bring:

  • List of allergies
  • List of current medications
  • Your insurance card and ID

If this is your first visit to Pella Regional, bring or forward any related medical records to the clinic.

Wound Care Treatments

Work with your wound care team to create a personalized healing plan. Trust us to use proven techniques, such as:

  • Bioengineered tissue substitutes – Cover or help close your wound
  • Compression wraps – Reduce swelling and improve blood flow to promote healing
  • Debridement – Cleans your wound and removes dead or damaged tissue
  • Hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) – Uses pure oxygen to speed healing
  • Negative pressure wound therapy, also known as vacuum-assisted closure (VAC) – Dresses and seals your wound, and then uses a vacuum pump to remove fluid and promote healing
  • Specialty dressings and wraps – Protect your wound and promote healing
  • Wound offloading, including total contact casting – Keeps weight off your foot or leg while a wound heals

Your Role in Wound Healing

You’re the most important member of your care team. Rely on your providers for education about how to take care of your wound at home, so you can reach the best outcome possible.

How Long Will it Take to Heal?

The amount of time it takes for the wound to heal depends on many factors. To get the best results, follow your wound specialist’s instructions and watch your progress closely. If you have questions, contact your care team.

Follow-Up Care

After your wound has healed, see your primary care provider (PCP) regularly for follow-up care. Feel confident you’ll get coordinated care because we communicate regularly with your PCP, so they stay up-to-date on your treatment.

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Make an Appointment

Call 641-628-6615 to schedule an appointment with the wound care team at Pella Regional Health Center.

How to Find Wound Care

Wound Care and Hyperbaric Medicine is located in the newly renovated section of Pella Regional at the corner of Jefferson and Hazel streets. Use the parking lot on Jefferson Street and enter the hospital through Entrance 7. View our hospital map [PDF].