Labor, Delivery and Recovery

Family Birthing Center Delivery Room

It is the moment you spend nine months waiting for, yet it comes so fast. There are a number of steps that you can take before you go into labor that will help make that ‘frantic’ moment a bit less stressful.

Checking in

Please call the Family Birthing Center before leaving home at 641-628-6613. The hospital is located at 404 Jefferson Street. If you are experiencing signs of labor, please go directly to the Family Birthing Center, located on the third floor. A nurse will evaluate you, notify your doctor and assist you with the admission process. If you are scheduled for a C-Section, you will need to stop at registration to sign paperwork.

Family Birthing Center

The Family Birthing Center occupies the new third floor above the Medical/Surgical and Intensive Care Units. The expanded space includes more rooms for labor/delivery and postpartum -- 7 labor rooms, 3 postpartum rooms and 2 triage rooms, additional space in the nursery and expanded nursing station and waiting areas. It also offers a wide range of attractive amenities for moms, families and visitors. 

Your labor, delivery and recovery experience will take place in one of our beautifully decorated suites. Our staff provides for the special needs of you and your baby in our labor, delivery, recovery and postpartum (LDRP) suites. All LDRP suites are private, offering comfort and safety to both you and your baby. Suites feature state-of-the-art fetal monitoring equipment, birthing beds, spacious bathrooms and whirlpool tubs. You can choose to keep your baby with you in your suite or, whenever you wish, your baby can spend time in the nursery which is just steps away.

Surgical Suites

Should a Cesarean delivery be necessary, our surgical suites are just downstairs. There are usually multiple people in the surgical suite during a C-section delivery: a general surgeon, your obstetric doctor (to assist the surgeon), another family practice doctor (to take care of the baby), an obstetrics nurse (also to take care of the newborn), two surgical nurses and a nurse anesthetist.

Moments after your baby is born, your labor partner will have the opportunity to cut the umbilical cord. The baby will be wrapped in a blanket and you will be able to see your baby in the operating room. After bonding, the nurse will take your baby and support person to the Family Birthing Center where your baby will be weighed and the nurse will get their footprints. After approximately 30-45 minutes of recovery, you and your baby, as well as your birthing partner, will be together again in the Family Birthing Center for postpartum care.


The time parents spend with their babies in the first few days is very important. Holding, feeding and caring for your baby in the hospital is a perfect way to bond. Pella Regional staff encourages parents to be active in caring for their babies. Many teaching opportunities are provided to parents about infant care, feeding, and what to expect as a baby begins to grow.

Skin to skin time is contact immediately after birth between mother and baby, which lasts for at least an hour after birth. Nursing staff strives to help new mothers bond with their babies in this way. Babies who enjoy skin to skin time with their mother:

  • Are more likely to latch within the first hour after birth.
  • Are more likely to latch on well, which helps a mom’s milk production.
  • Have more stable and normal skin temperatures.
  • Have more stable and normal heart rates and blood pressures.
  • Have normal blood sugars.
  • Are less likely to cry.
  • Are more likely to breastfeed exclusively for a longer period of time.

Visiting Hours

Visitor restrictions are now in place due to COVID-19. Please visit our Visitor Restrictions page for the most up-to-date visitor information.

Our visiting hours allow you to share your joy with family and friends. Spouses, support people and siblings of the baby are welcome. We encourage them to participate in this joyous time and to learn about the new baby. Other guests may visit during normal visiting hours from 10 am - 8:00 pm.

Safety and Security

The Family Birthing Center is locked 24 hours a day to provide extra security for our new moms and babies. All newborns wear a security device for protection and safety. Therefore, visitors must be buzzed in by a volunteer or staff member. After hours, please advise visitors to press the intercom to the left of the door to the department to signal staff.

Children less than 12 years old and who are not siblings of the baby are not allowed into the department, but are invited to view the baby through the nursery viewing window.

To protect your newborn from infection, children or adults with colds, fever or communicable diseases cannot be in direct contact with your baby. All visitors must wash their hands before holding or touching a newborn to prevent unwanted germs.

Helping You Navigate the Insurance Maze

Because today’s insurance policies come with significantly higher co-pays and deductibles, you’re likely to face larger out-of-pocket expenses for your health care. Our team at Pella Regional help you prepare for the cost of your medical procedure, understand the payment process and avoid financial surprises.

Our team will review your specific insurance situation and your doctor’s recommended procedure. Then, staff will estimate your actual cost and work with you to find the best method of payment.

Preparing for a baby? Pella Regional also offers opportunities to pre-pay for your maternity care.

We understand that sometimes paying for deductibles, co-insurance, or copays may be difficult. If you are unable to pay all or part of your responsibility, please call the Business Office at 641.628.6700 to discuss options for financial assistance.

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