Low Vision Aids

Those who suffer from macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy, glaucoma, cataracts and other eye conditions may find a solution with vision aids offered in Therapy Services. Pella Regional carries the latest in Eschenbach vision aids, including several that combine magnification and illumination. Vision aids are considered for those who ordinary eyeglasses, contact lenses or surgery will not provide enough improvement in sight. Low vision can occur from an accident, an illness such as diabetes or a condition associated with aging.

Vision aids such as magnifiers, telescopes, CCTVs, high-powered reading glasses and absorptive filters allow for people to keep their independence and return to basic activities of daily living such as reading the newspaper, watching TV or writing out a check.

Therapy Services staff at Pella Regional’s locations in Pella and Knoxville is specially trained to work with patients to determine the best vision aid for each person’s needs and effectively use their remaining vision.