After Your Surgery

Learn how Pella Regional Health Center takes care of you in the hours, days, and weeks after surgery.

Initial Recovery

Right after surgery, you’ll spend some time recovering in the hospital. Depending on your procedure and type of anesthesia, you’ll either:

  • Go to a recovery room for 30 to 45 minutes so nurses can monitor your breathing and other vital signs as you wake up
  • Return straight to the room you were admitted in

Afterward, your care team may send you to either:

  • Phase 2 recovery room to prepare to go home
  • Pella Regional hospital room for a 23-hour stay

You’ll receive medication to ease pain and something to eat or drink. Tell your nurse about your pain level and needs so we can keep you as comfortable as possible.

Discharge Instructions

A nurse will tell you and your family the surgeon’s instructions for caring for yourself at home. You’ll also receive a written copy of the instructions, which may cover:

  • Activity restrictions
  • Care for your surgical incision
  • Diet and nutrition
  • Management of pain and nausea
  • Medications

Follow-Up Care

Before you leave the hospital, your care team will schedule follow-up appointments to check on your health. We’ll send any prescription medications to your chosen pharmacy, such as Pella Regional Health Center Pharmacy. Your loved one can pick them up on the way home.

The day after you return home, a nurse will call to see how you’re doing and answer your questions about recovery, so you can take good care of yourself.

Contact Us

Get answers to your questions by contacting Pella Regional Health Center:

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  • Clinics: 641-621-2200

24/7 Nurseline at Pella Regional

Get answers to your questions no matter what time of day with the 24/7 Nurseline at Pella Regional. Give us a call at 641-621-2200 if you:

  • Need advice on medical symptoms, questions, or concerns
  • Need help determining whether to seek immediate medical attention