Spine Therapy

If you have pain from a health condition or spine injury, trust Pella Regional Health Center to help you recover. You’ll find experienced care close to home in central and southeastern Iowa.

What is Spine Therapy?

Spine therapy is a specialized physical therapy that offers a non-invasive way to treat neck, back and spine injuries and conditions.

Conditions Benefiting from Spine Therapy

Spine therapy may be right for you if you experience:

  • Arthritis
  • Complications from spine surgery or are recovering from surgery
  • Disc pathology, or a slipped disc
  • Injuries caused by infections, tumors, or other spine conditions
  • Muscle imbalances
  • Neurological conditions affecting the spine
  • Traumatic spine injuries, caused by a fall or accident

Services We Offer

Your therapist will help you create a care plan that’s right for you. Your plan may include:

  • Education on how to prevent further injuries
  • Physical therapy and exercises, including stretches and activities you can do to strengthen and support your spine
  • Pain management, including heat, ice, and other techniques

What to Expect at Your First Appointment

Expect your physical therapist at Pella Regional to evaluate your health and current condition. You’ll receive an individualized care plan that considers your preferences and goals for therapy. Work with your care team to help you manage your pain, increase your range of motion and improve mobility.

Call 641-628-6623 to schedule an appointment with Rehabilitation & Therapy Services at Pella Regional's locations. Or ask your doctor for a referral. 

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