Hospital Pharmacy

Hospital pharmacy staff working on prescription medicine

The Hospital Pharmacy at Pella Regional is an integral part of how we help our inpatients. Hospital pharmacists and trained pharmacy technicians assist providers with complex clinical medication management issues. The hospital pharmacy provides medications for hospitalized and infusion center patients only. 

All medications dispensed through the hospital pharmacy must have a written order from a physician and each medication is verified by a hospital pharmacist before it leaves the pharmacy to ensure it is correct. The hospital pharmacist also checks for patient allergies, drug interactions and appropriate dosage. These processes are in place in order to improve patient safety and eliminate medication errors. 

The hospital pharmacy uses state-of-the-art technology to ensure patients receive the proper medication at the right time, in the right dosage. To prevent accidental medication errors, patient wrist-bands are imprinted with a unique bar-code that matches up in our computer system with the physician-assigned medication. 

IV medications are prepared by the hospital pharmacy in special rooms set up to meet federal standards. This includes an ante room for gathering supplies, a positive pressure room to create IV fluids such as antibiotics and a negative pressure room used to create chemotherapy for cancer patients. 

The hospital pharmacy assists with patient education programs including joint replacement, cardiac rehabilitation, diabetes education, respiratory therapy and coumadin education.

The hospital pharmacy also works with Drake University and University of Iowa Colleges of Pharmacy to serve as an education site for pharmacy students.