Supermarket Tour: Ways to Shop Healthy! 

Make a list  
  • Be organized to keep from buying items you do not need.
Shop the ads
  • Stretch your food budget, look for coupons.
  • Some claims are not 100% truthful, always read the food label on the side of the box.
Fill your cart with color
  • Try to fill half of your grocery cart with fruits and vegetables.
  • Choose a variety of colors, especially dark greens and purples.
Shop the perimeters
  • Pick fruits and vegetables in produce that add color. 
  • Next, go for fresh meat and dairy products in the back and side. 
  • Finally, check out the bread aisle. 
Read labels
  • Avoid trans fat, go low on saturated fat (keep it less than 15% of daily value).  
  • The first ingredient listed on the food label is what product is the main ingredient—look for the word whole wheat or whole grain.
Understand fresh versus frozen versus canned
  • Frozen produce is a great alternative to canned, and sometimes even fresh.
  • Canned produce has added salt to help preserve the food, aim for products with less than 20% of daily value for sodium.
Fewer processed meats
  • Avoid processed meats such as sausage, bacon, lunch meats and breaded meat products.
  • Buy meat as simple as you can.
Alternatives for snack items
  • Buy baked chips versus the regular.
  • Go for pretzels or popcorn. Do not forget fruits and veggies make great snacks too!
  • Keep snacks less than 200 calories per serving.
Have an open mind
  • Try new things. Have you ever had a pomegranate or kale?

  • Explore the healthy corner of the store.
Ask the dietitian
  • Many grocery stores have a registered dietitian available to answer questions such as where to find low-sodium foods, Greek yogurt, and chia seeds!

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