Nutrition at Pella Regional oversees food and meal preparation for patients in the hospital, including a room service option. The meals are balanced and personalized with regard to patient preferences and intolerance/allergy. 

Clinical Nutrition

Good nutrition is a key component of recovering from surgery or illness. Registered dietitians provide nutrition care, advice and education to patients while they are in the hospital. They work with the patient’s medical team, instructing hospitalized patients on diet and monitoring the effectiveness of the nutrition care plan. Patients discharged from the hospital may receive follow-up nutrition counseling on an outpatient basis.

Registered dietitians work with many clinical areas to ensure the patients are provided with the best nutritional care available. These programs include cardiac services, dialysis and diabetes.

Outpatient Nutrition

Individual nutrition education and counseling by a registered dietitian is an effective means for implementing lifestyle changes. Sessions with a registered dietitian provide advice for a variety of needs including weight management, diabetes management, pregnancy and the basics of healthy eating. 

A physician referral may be necessary if a person's insurance provider requires it. Those interested in private nutritional consultations should check with their insurer to determine coverage.

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