Comfort House

Comfort House building in Pella

When patients who are facing end of life cannot stay at home, care can be given at the Comfort House instead of going to a hospital or nursing home. Registered nurses provide 24-hour care for patients.

Families may stay with their loved one at all times. The home-like atmosphere encourages family members to get support from and share experiences with other families in the house.

There are three levels of care provided at the Comfort House. The patient’s level of care is dependent upon symptom management, status of in-home caregiver and where the patient is within the dying process.

There are six private patient rooms with bathroom facilities and sitting/sleeping areas for the patient families. Each room has access to sunshine and a covered porch through French doors wide enough to accommodate a bed. The rooms have electric fireplaces, televisions, homemade quilts on the beds and leather recliners.

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