Family Practice

Dr. Blom checking a patient's heart beat

Family practice physicians at Pella Regional and our family of clinics located in Pella, Bussey, Knoxville, Ottumwa and Sully emphasize preventative care and long-term relationships between patients and physicians. Because of their extensive training, family practice physicians provide comprehensive health care for people of all ages - from newborns to seniors.  

Services provided by family practice physicians:

  • Diagnose and treat illnesses.
  • Provide preventative care such as well-child visits, health-risk assessments, and immunization and screening tests.
  • Provide personalized counseling on maintaining a healthy lifestyle, managing chronic diseases such as diabetes and hypertension.
  • Coordinate care provided by other subspecialists.
  • Provide continuing and comprehensive health care for individuals and families.
  • Integrates the biological, clinical and behavioral sciences in order to treat all ages, genders, each organ system and every disease entity. 

Patient Centered Medical Home

A patient centered medical home is a primary care practice in a medical clinic that takes a team approach with the patient at the center of the team. Pella Regional and our family of clinics in Pella, Bussey, Knoxville, Ottumwa and Sully have created this team environment.

As a patient centered medical home, Pella Regional’s responsibilities include:

  • Providing the highest quality care possible using evidence-based medicine and providing you with support and self-management tools to reach your personal health goals.
  • Addressing all aspects of your health, including preventative services, acute/sick care, management of chronic conditions, and behavioral health needs.
  • Coordinating your care with any specialists or outside services necessary to best meet your needs.
  • Providing resources 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! Beyond Pella Regional’s normal medical clinic hours which extend beyond 7 pm we offer a 24/7 Nurseline and the My Pella Health Patient Portal to ensure your health care needs are met.

As our patient, your Pella Regional team trusts you to:

  • Communicate your needs and preferences to your primary care provider.
  • Ask questions and let us know if you don’t understand something.
  • Keep us informed about your health, including being up-to-date on your medications, informing us of any other health care providers you are seeing and asking them to send us a copy of your records. Information about medical records transfer can be found at
  • Follow the care plan developed between you and your provider to help optimize your health.
  • Be aware of your health care coverage and what fees you may be responsible for. Pella Regional offers equal access regardless of payment source and has information available for uninsured patients, but ultimately we trust you to understand your plan coverage.
  • Provide feedback to us so we can improve our services.

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