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Education Classes

Staff at Pella Regional has developed education classes to give patients the tools they need to make better lifestyle choices and control their diabetes. The choices patients make every day impact their health more than anything a health care provider can do in an office visit.

Diabetes Education

Diabetes education classes are offered for patients who have just been diagnosed with diabetes, who are beginning to learn or want to update their learning on diabetes, who have just changed treatment, or who have a friend or family member who has diabetes.

Patients are encouraged to bring a support person to the group education classes. These informal, interactive classes are led by certified diabetes educators.

Diabetes education classes include information on these topics:

  • Complications in monitoring your diabetes
  • Medications
  • Personal health habits
  • Exercise and diabetes
  • Nutrition and diabetes
  • Setting goals, making changes
  • Resources


We also have classes for people who would like to learn more about pre-diabetes. Pre-diabetes is a condition where blood glucose is higher than normal, but not high enough for a diagnosis of diabetes. Pre-diabetes classes are designed to help people understand pre-diabetes and how to make effective lifestyle changes. This class includes:

  • Nutrition information
  • Weight loss information
  • Exercise information
  • Blood glucose monitoring

Want to sign up for a pre-diabetes, group diabetes or attend a support group?

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