Spiritual Services

Spiritual Services Stained Glass Window

Pella Regional provides chaplains to meet the various needs of patients, staff and community members at Pella Regional Health Center. Physicians and staff at Pella Regional believe that total patient care includes the spiritual as well as the physical, emotional and situational needs of each patient and resident.

Spiritual support plays a key role in the healing process as it provides encouragement, hope and meaning to patients and family members through difficult times. Pella Regional offers spiritual support that is respectful of each individual's spirituality, religious beliefs, privacy and dignity.

Area clergy remain an integral part of our spiritual and pastoral care. Spiritual services works to involve the parish pastor, rabbi, spiritual or congregational leader by providing information, support and access.

Services Provided

Pella Regional offers many spiritual services that reflect the diversity of our patients and families. Spiritual care is highly personalized to meet each individual’s need and desires.

  • Individualized assessment of spiritual needs and resources to meet those needs.
  • Music therapy.
  • Support, counseling, prayer or intervention in times of crisis.
  • Sacramental ministry including Anointing of the Sick, Confession, Blessings and Baptisms and Holy Communion in the patient's room.
  • Notification, upon request of patient, resident or family member to patient's pastor or congregation when an individual is admitted.
  • Consultation regarding ethical decisions.
  • Chapel and memorial services.
  • Group support for patients, residents and families.
  • Community education and outreach for spiritual care issues.
  • Support, training and education for hospital staff.
  • Provide education and assistance in completing advance directive forms.
  • Bereavement support.


  • Chaplain on-site during business hours and on-call. Our chaplain ministers to people of any faith, spiritual expression and those needing spiritual and emotional support.
  • Can arrange visits from your clergy or spiritual leader.

Spiritual services is fully integrated into Pella Regional. The chaplain:

  • Receives referrals from physicians, nurses and other staff members on a regular basis.
  • Makes visits to residents, patients and family members.
  • Participates in interdisciplinary care conferences.
  • Documents a record of services given into the patient's and resident's medical records.

For non-emergency situations, please 641-621-2454. After hours, the chaplain will respond to your call on the morning of the next working day. For emergencies, ask your doctor or nurse for assistance.

Chapel and Worship

The chapel is located on the second floor overlooking the main entrance, near the Medical/Surgical Unit. It is open to patients, family members, and friends at all times for prayer and meditation. Inside the chapel you will find devotional booklets for your spiritual needs and encouragement.

Spiritual Services Endowment Fund

The Spiritual Services Endowment Fund, a part of Pella Regional’s Foundation, was established to create an opportunity for people to become a partner in our tradition of offering spiritual caring and hope for the future. Contributions to the Spiritual Services Endowment Fund can be made through the Foundation.