Provider Listing for Financial Assistance

Providers with privileges at Pella Regional are listed below. 

Pella Regional's Financial Assistance Policy includes medical services rendered by those providers who are affiliated with Pella Regional. Those who are covered are indicated below.

Pella Regional's Financial Assistance Policy excludes visiting specialists who are not affiliated with Pella Regional and who perform their own billing activities and issue their own separate statements to patients. Those who are not covered are indicated below.


Jamie Amble, NP-C, Primary Care
Stephen Barnes, DO, Emergency Medicine
Brad Beattie, PA-C, Primary Care
Leah Bethel, DO, Emergency Medicine
Kimberly Bina, DO, Emergency Medicine
Brenda Birdsell, OT, Therapy Services
Mitch Blom, DO, Family Practice
Jennifer Boley, ARNP, Primary Care
Tara Burgher, DO, Emergency Medicine
Leah Bruxvoort, ARNP, Primary Care
Tara Burgher, DO, Emergency Medicine
Charles Canedy, MD, Hospitalist
Spencer Carlstone, MD, Family Practice/Obstetrics
David Carroll, PT, Therapy Services
Karen Chambers, PT, Therapy Services
Ronald Childerston, DO, Hospitalist
Danielle Clark, DO, Family Practice
Joseph Coleman, MD, Gynecology
Marsha Collins, PA-C, Primary Care
Allison Crall, ARNP, Primary Care
Shelby Dames, MD, Rheumatology
Hannah DeBruin, SLP, Therapy Services
Kelly Decious, OT, Therapy Services
Diane DeJong, PA-C, Primary Care
Matt Doty, MD, Occupational Health
Rebecca Dykstra, DO, Family Practice/Obstetrics
R. Scot Dykstra, DO, Family Practice
Timothy Dykstra, MD, Emergency Medicine
Abdelaziz Elhaddad, MD, Oncology
Gary Elises, PT, Therapy Services
Jennifer Elkin, DO, Family Practice
Karen Emmert, PA-C, Emergency
Molly Engelhart, DNP, Primary Care
Shawna Fopma, PT, Therapy Services
Matt Gritters, MD, Emergency Medicine
Deborah Guild, RDN, Dietitian
Janna Hansen-Nolin, SLP, Therapy Services
Jeffrey Hartung, DO, Emergency Medicine
Anne Hellbusch, DO, Family Practice/Obstetrics
Stacy Hennigar, ANRP, Primary Care
Amy Herdegen, PT, Therapy Services
Kristel Howell, ARNP, Oncology Nurse Practitioner
Charles Ingle, MA, Mental Health
Gregory Ingle, DO, Family Practice
Robert Jackson, DO, Rheumatology
Orville Jacobs, DO, Family Practice
Kayla Jiskoot, SLP, Therapy Services
Doug Kanis, DO, Internal Medicine
John Kanis, DO, Family Practice
Christina Kelley, PA-C, Primary Care
Lisa Kisling, PT, Therapy Services
Maria Lao, MD, Internal Medicine
Dale Lensing, MD, Gynecology
Jacklyn Lowe, SLP, Therapy Services
Kevin Mace, DO, Family Practice
Gerard Matysik , MD, Internal Medicine/Pulmonology
Lucas Mihalovich, DO, Family Practice/Obstetrics
Matt Morgan, DO, General Surgery
Roscoe Morton, MD, Oncology
Hannah Norris, DNP, Primary Care
Mary Phillips, RD,LD, Dietitian
Tamara Pommer, PT, Therapy Services
Richard Posthuma, MD, Family Practice/Obstetrics
Sheila Punt, ARNP, Primary Care
Dan Rowley, MD, Family Practice/Obstetrics
Jana Rus, ARNP, Primary Care
Heather Russell, PT, Therapy Services
Christina Sailors, ARNP, Primary Care
Gene Schmitz, PT, Therapy Services
Betsy Schneider PT, Therapy Services
Kim Seda, PA-C, Primary Care
Jennifer Sheffield, PA-C, Primary Care
Rachel Smith, SLP, Therapy Services
Mindy Southammavong, PA-C, Primary Care
Jamie Steenhoek, ARNP, Primary Care
Linda Steimling, PA-C, Primary Care
BethAnne Stevens, ARNP, Primary Care
Jessica Streeter, DNP, Nurse Practitioner
Tara Temperly-Leidigh, SLP, Therapy Services
Joshua Tessier, DO, Emergency Medicine
Michael Thompson, DO, General Surgery
Ryan Thoreson, DO, Emergency Medicine
Quintin Treadway, PA-C , Primary Care
Heidi Van Maanen, DO, Family Practice
Tereasa Van Zee, DO, Family Practice/Obstetrics
Robin Vande Voort, MD, Internal Medicine
Galyn Vande Zande, DO, Family Practice
Nancy Vander Broek, DO, Family Practice
David Vander Hoff, PT, Therapy Services
Jordan Vos, PT, Therapy Services
Jennifer Wadle, PA-C, Primary Care
Mathew Wehbe, MD, Oncology
Mark Westberg , MD, Oncology
Heidi Wintermote, DO, Family Practice
Craig Wittenberg, MD, Family Practice/Obstetrics
Zach Wittenberg, DO, Hospitalist
Elizabeth Wooster, MD, Family Practice/Obstetrics
Daniel Wright, DO, Emergency Medicine
Mylah Zaldivar, PT, Therapy Services

Not Covered

Jared Abbott, MD, Pathology
Carla Aldrich, CRNA, Anesthesia
Larry Anderson, MD, Pathology
Vincent Angeloni, MD, Dermatology
Steven Aviles, MD, Orthopaedics
Russell Bandstra, MD, Urology
Benjamin Beecher, MD, Orthopaedics
Mark Belz, MD, Nephrology
Benjamin Blaylock, CRNA, Anesthesia
Brady Blazek, CRNA, Anesthesia
Timothy Breon, MD, General Surgery
Bruce Buchsbaum, MD, Nephrology
Jared Carter, PA-C, Physician Assistant
Kanwaljit Chouhan, MD, Nephrology
Heidi Close, MD, Otolaryngology
Joshua Cook, MD, Pathology
David Coster, MD, General Surgery
Ralph DeHann, OD, Optometrist
Eric Dolash, PA-C, Physician Assistant
Austin Duerksen, PA-C, Physician Assistant
Renee Ellerbroek, MD, Pathology
James Else, OD, Optometrist
Erica Evans, DPM, Podiatrist
Jill Frerichs, DPM, Podiatrist
Joel From, MD, Cardiology
Michael Gainer, MD, Orthopaedics
Joe Galles, MD, Orthopaedics
Kyle Galles, MD, Orthopaedics
Marc Goeders, PA-C, Physician Assistant
Jordan Greiner, PA-C, Physician Assistant
Sandra Hall, ARNP, Nurse Practitioner
Caitlin Halverson, MD, Pathology
Mostafa Hammoudi, MD, Neurology
Ze-Hui Han, MD, Orthopaedics
Sara Hawk, CRNA, Anesthesia
Lee Henry, DO, Radiology
Benjamin Hoch, MD, Pathology
Casey Howe, PA-C, Physician Assistant
Sandra Hundt, OD, Optometrist
Andrew Hunsinger, CRNA, Anesthesia
Steven Johnson , MD, Ophthalmology
Dennis Kessler, DPM, Podiatrist
Malori Khalil, CRNA, Anesthesia
Joshua Kimelman, DO, Orthopaedics
Thomas Klein, DO, Pain Management
Mary LaMar, CRNA, Anesthesia
Julie Lautenbach, PA-C, Primary Care
David Lemon, MD, Cardiology
Jeff Malik, MD, Pathology
Neil Mandsager , MD, Perinatology
Douglas Massop, MD, Vascular Surgery
Jessica Mathisen, PA-C, Physician Assistant
Mark Matthes, MD, Orthopaedics
Sean McMurray, DPM, Podiatrist
Mindy Miller, CRNA, Anesthesia
Lori Montag, MD, Pathology
Kevin Mulvey, DPM, Podiatrist
Stefani Noun, PA-C, Physician Assistant
Robey Orewiler, PA-C, Physician Assistant
Susan Pair, CRNA, Anesthesia
Jennifer Palmer, MD, Dermatology
Jarrod Phelps, PA-C, Physician Assistant
Dudley Phipps, PA-C, Physician Assistant
Kevin Prater, PA-C, Physician Assistant
J. Wesley Rayburn, MD, Pain Management
Eric Recker, DDS, Dentist
Paul Riggs, MD, General Surgery
Lawrence Rissman, MD, Pathology
Jolene Runkel, ARNP, Nurse Practitioner
Jonathan Schettler, CRNA, Anesthesia
Shannan Schoening, CRNA, Anesthesia
Johann Schmolck, MD, Nephrology
Craig Shadur, MD, Nephrology
Joel Shaw, CRNA, Anesthesia
Scott Shumway, MD, Plastic Surgery/General Surgery
Aaron Smith, DO, Urology
Alison Smith, DO, Radiology
Robert Smith, DO, Nephrology
Karen Spahr, DO, Internal Medicine
Rosa Stocker, ARNP, Nurse Practitioner
Gregg Sutton, CRNA, Anesthesia
Gloria Thielking, PA-C, Physician Assistant
Jobinson Thomas, MD, Nephrology
Dale Vander Broek, DO, Emergency Medicine
Wayne Vander Leest, OD, Optometrist
Chris Vincent, MD, Orthopaedics
Ryan Vincent, MD, Ophthalmology
Tim Vinyard, MD, Orthopaedics
Mitchell Wilson, PA-C, Physician Assistant
Jason Wittmer, MD, Pulmonology/Sleep Medicine
Jenifer Wolfe, DDS, Dentist
Wendy Zadeh, MD, Neurology/EEG Reader
Marc Zoutte, PA-C, Physician Assistant