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NOTICE: Billing Upgrade in Process

Pella Regional Health Center is in the process of upgrading our Electronic Health Records system. This transition begins Nov. 1, 2017. For patients who were seen prior to Nov. 1, 2017, you will still have a blue or red statement and will complete the Bill Pay Form using the appropriate color-coded form.

For appointments on Nov. 1 or after, you will receive a unified bill for services received in the clinics or hospital printed on blue paper. You will use the Bill Pay Form under the headline “My Bill is Black.”

If you received services from a visiting specialist or had tests completed that were evaluated outside of our facility, you will also receive a separate bill from that physician or service.

In addition, each patient who is 18 years of age or older should receive their own personalized billing statement at the address indicated in their account. A bill will not automatically be sent to the family member who holds the insurance, only to the patient who was seen (if the patient is 18 years of age or older).

Thank you for your patience as we transition to this new electronic health record. If you have any questions or concerns, please complete our “Contact Us” form.

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