Standards of Performance

All members of the team at Pella Regional have a role in ensuring that patients and their family members receive the best possible care in a personalized, professional manner. Each of our team members has personally committed to our Standards of Performance.


  • Our job is to provide high quality service with compassion, integrity and excellence.
  • Strive to make a good first impression.
  • Thank customers for choosing Pella Regional as appropriate.
  • Project a positive, can do attitude.


  • Present a clean and professional appearance.
  • Follow dress code policies.
  • Wear identification badge visible at all times on either shoulder, chest pocket or higher.
  • Provide a clean and comfortable environment with attention to detail.

Commitment to Pella Regional Team

  • We will follow the golden rule: treat team members the way we would want to be treated regardless of experience or position.
  • We will breakdown departmental barriers by being cooperative, respectful, honest and accountable to each other.
  • Encourage team morale by supporting one another's ideas, needs and efforts.
  • Address problems or misunderstandings with the appropriate person or supervisor.


  • We will clearly explain the expectations of the services we provide.
  • Always listen and respond with empathy.
  • Utilize resources and technology to enhance communication.


  • Greet everyone in a pleasant manner and introduce yourself as appropriate.
  • Use common courtesy (please/thank you, sir/madam) in all conversation.
  • Offer to walk our guests to/from their destination. If you are unable to personally escort a guest, take him/her to someone who can.


  • Make sure that personal information is kept confidential. Never discuss patients/residents and their care in public areas.
  • Do not gossip or spread rumors.
  • Respect human dignity.


  • Acknowledge a customer's presence immediately. Smile and introduce yourself at once.
  • Acknowledge needs and requests within 3 minutes.
  • Do not leave the area until the person's request has been met or conveyed to the appropriate person.
  • Anticipate needs with every interaction. Say, "Is there anything else I can do for you, I have time?" before you leave their side.
  • Keep customers informed within 15 minutes when they are experiencing a service delay and thank them for waiting.
  • Update a family member/guest within one hour while a patient or resident is undergoing a procedure.

Safety Awareness

  • Correct or report any safety hazards immediately.
  • Report all accidents/incidents promptly to manager.
  • Use standard precautions when appropriate (hand washing, Personal Protective Equipment).
  • Follow safety policies and department protocols to ensure everyone's safety.

Sense of Ownership

  • Take pride in the organization as if you own it.
  • Any employee who receives a customer complaint "owns" the complaint.
  • Accept responsibility for your own actions.
  • Set goals; take steps to improve the quality and efficiency of our organization.
  • Live the values of this organization at work and in the community. Always talk positively, no negative comments.