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Join a group of dedicated professional nurses in a mission of healthcare and healing with Christian compassion at Pella Regional Health Center. You’ll thrive with a growing career in a community-based hospital close to home.

Shared Governance

At Pella Regional, we believe that nurses who care for our patients are in the best position to make decisions related to patient care and nursing practice. In 2007, we launched our Shared Governance Model to provide a foundation of this evidence-based practice in nursing.


In its implementation, four councils were developed:

  • Practice Council – Defines clinical best practices for delivery of nursing care
  • Quality Council – Focuses on supporting the hospital’s performance improvement plan
  • Professional Development Council – Promotes professional growth, ongoing nurse competency, and work environment issues
  • Service Council – Focuses on creating a culture in which every patient receives exceptional service with every encounter

A management council serves as a forum of support for the entire shared governance model. The transition of Shared Governance has led to rewarding experiences for nurses and patients alike.

Our nurses and managers are excited to be part of this culture of accountability and to have a voice for hospital issues.

Relationship-Based Care

Relationship Based Care

Pella Regional’s care delivery model is relationship-based care. It provides a model to support the role of nurses working with all members of the healthcare team.

The focus of this relationship is the nurse with the patient/family, and colleagues. It provides a framework to guide nurses in using resources and prioritizing patient needs.

Professional Growth & Development

As a nurse at Pella Regional, you’ll be encouraged to grow. You’ll have access to a wide range of continuing education classes covering a spectrum of subject matter, from specialized nursing roles to overviews on the latest in nursing medicine.

Employees can apply for support and endowment scholarships, such as the Mary Evers Nursing Scholarship, to receive assistance in continuing education or certification opportunities.

Bright Future Ahead

The future is bright for nurses at Pella Regional. You’ll have administrative support and a keen focus on quality and work-life balance as a member of our growing nursing team.

Pella Regional’s low vacancy and low turnover rates speak to the high level of job satisfaction that leads our stable work force.

Nursing Education

As a new nurse or nurse in training, you’ll find opportunities at Pella Regional to build your skills.

Nurse Residency & Training Program

Supporting the growth of new nurses is a priority at Pella Regional. New nurses do not start their career alone, but receive help every step of the way from experienced nurses who want to see their colleagues succeed and provide high-quality patient care. Explore our nursing residency program, a 12-month program available to recent graduates.

Nursing Internships

Nurse interns at Pella Regional learn from the best. Our baccalaureate nursing student internships provide a six to10 week period for students to work with an experienced nurse and gain clinical experience. Students can do this for school credit, offered through their college or university. Talk to your school’s nursing program for more information.

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