Nurse Resident: Specialty Nurse Training

Start your Nursing Residency a Step Ahead

Nurse CarriePella Regional Health Center’s Nurse Resident: Specialty Nurse Training Program provides new graduates with an opportunity to grow in their career through focused training in a range of specialty areas such as medical/surgical, obstetrics, outpatient surgery and perhaps emergency, and hospice. New graduate nurses who are chosen for the Nurse Residency: Specialty Nurse in Training Program are committed to a six-month training regimen in a variety of specialty areas. Nurses will start with a 6-8 week rotation within the Medical/Surgical Unit. Nurses will then go through similar rotations in Obstetrics and Outpatient Surgery. Each rotation will be guided by an experienced nurse preceptor. If time permits, training within other specialty areas will be arranged.

Nurse Sarina

Upon successful completion of the program, these nurses have an opportunity to apply for an open position within the hospital such as Medical/Surgical, Obstetrics, Outpatient Surgery or other areas they’ve received training. The nurse may also choose to continue to float to areas to fill in for leaves/temporary vacancies throughout the specialties he/she has been trained.

Nurse Nicole

All participants will also join our formalized Nurse Residency program, which is designed to support the transition from student to professional and competent nurse. He/she will also take the required Telemetry and ACLS courses. Other specialty courses (critical care, basic fetal monitoring, etc) will be offered depending on nurse interest and hospital need.

Ideal Candidates
  • New graduate nurses or those with less than one year of nursing experience (BSN preferred). New graduates must have a license and degree by hire date.
  • Have a passion for nursing. Motivated, eager to work and learn in a dynamic environment focused on the success of new nurse graduates.
  • Willingness to work in team relationships and communicate well with co-workers, patients, families, other caregivers and administrators.
  • Kindhearted caregiver willing to embody Pella Regional’s mission of providing healthcare and healing services with Christian compassion.
  • Able to be flexible in scheduling to accommodate a variety of role and shift changes throughout training rotations.