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Employee Status Classifications

Full-time: Employees who average thirty (30) hours or more per week. Full-time employees must maintain an average of no less than sixty (60) hours per pay period during any 12-week period. Full time employees are eligible for benefits.

Part-time: Employees who average less than twenty-nine (29) hours per week, but at least sixteen (16) hours per week. Part-time employees must maintain an average minimum of 16 - 29 hours per pay week during any 12-week period to retain their part-time classification. 

CAS (Casual): Employees who average less than sixteen (16) hours in a work week but at least 2 hours, keeping regular scheduled shifts and/or regular scheduled weekends.

PRN: Employees who are not committed to a set schedule or set number of hours, but do comply with certain minimums as set by the department/facility. These employees will not have regularly scheduled shifts but must work at least 1 shift in a 6 month period or as required by the specific department, whichever is more.

Temporary: Employees who work for a short period of time or only for a season (i.e. summer employment). Short period of time is considered to be a maximum of 12 months.

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Want to be a Patient Care Tech?

This role requires applicants to have a C.N.A, EMS, Certified Medic or Combat Lifesaver to apply. On the job training is provided.