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Join an award-winning organization focused on compassionate healthcare services at Pella Regional Health Center. As a team member here, you’ll help us create an innovative and progressive workplace that engages you and your fellow team members in a positive work environment.

Why Pella Regional?

At Pella Regional Health Center, our vision is to lead the region in providing compassionate service and clinical excellence through health ministries. For more than 50 years, our nonprofit organization has improved access to and quality of patient care in south central Iowa.

We invite you and your family to live and thrive in Pella—a tight-knit Midwestern city. Here, you can enjoy the rich culture of our Dutch heritage while supporting a community health system that develops tomorrow’s healthcare leaders.

Supporting Your Work & Life

You’ll enjoy benefits and culture that put family and flexibility first. We know that life happens, and that’s why we believe in self-directing teams and team members who practice a healthy work-life balance.

To expand your knowledge and expertise, take part in continuing education and professional development opportunities, such as attending a conference or gaining a new certification.

Standards of Performance

As a team member of Pella Regional, you’ll have a role ensuring that patients and guests receive the best care possible in a personalized, professional way. You’ll be committed to our standards of performance:


Our job is to provide high-quality service with compassion, integrity and excellence.

Strive to make a good first impression.

Thank customers for choosing Pella Regional.

Project a positive, can-do attitude.


Present a clean and professional appearance.

Follow dress code policies.

Wear your identification badge visible at all times on either your shoulder, chest pocket, or higher.

Provide a clean and comfortable environment with attention to detail.

Commitment to Pella Regional Team

We follow the Golden Rule: Treat team members the way we would want to be treated, regardless of experience or position.

We will break down departmental barriers by being cooperative, respectful, honest, and accountable to each other.

Encourage team morale by supporting one another’s ideas, needs, and efforts.

Address problems or misunderstandings with the appropriate person or supervisor.


We will clearly explain the expectations of services we provide.

Always listen and respond with empathy.

Utilize resources and technology to enhance communication.


Greet everyone in a pleasant manner and introduce yourself, as appropriate.

Use common courtesy (please, thank you, sir/madam) in all conversation.

Offer to walk guests to and from their destination. If you’re unable to personally escort a guest, take him/her to someone who can.


Make sure personal information is kept confidential. Never discuss patients or residents and their care in public areas.

Do not gossip or spread rumors.

Respect human dignity.


Acknowledge a customer’s presence immediately—smile and introduce yourself.

Acknowledge needs and requests within three minutes.

Do not leave the area until someone’s request has been met or conveyed to the appropriate person.

Anticipate needs with very interaction. Ask, “Is there anything else I can do for you?” before you leave their side.

Keep customers informed within 15 minutes when they are experiencing a service delay and thank them for waiting.

Update family members and guests within one hour while a patient or resident is undergoing a procedure.

Safety Awareness

Correct or report safety hazards immediately.

Report all accidents or incidents promptly to a manager.

Use standard precautions when appropriate (e.g. hand washing, personal protective equipment, etc.).

Follow safety policies and department protocols to ensure everyone’s safety.

Sense of Ownership

Take pride in the organization as if you own it.

Any employee who receives a customer complaint must “own” the complaint.

Accept responsibility for your own actions.

Set goals and take steps to improve the quality and efficiency of our organization.

Live the values of this organization at work and in the community—always talk positively, not negative comments.

Join the Pella Regional Team

Explore our career areas and find a perfect fit to start your career path with Pella Regional Health Center:

  • Clinical support
  • Information technology
  • Management and leadership
  • Nursing
  • Physicians
  • Support services

If you’re a local high school or college student, get to know our internships and shadowing opportunities to gets hands-on learning in our hospital.

Start Your Career with Pella

Join a team of committed, skilled, and friendly people at Pella Regional Health Center. Enjoy comprehensive benefits and a culture dedicated to bettering the lives of our community.

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