Don’t Wait – Schedule Your Annual Well Child Visit Today

Sports physicals should be part of routine preventive care done by your child’s primary care provider. In fact, it shouldn’t be a sport physical at all. It should be a Wellness Exam.

Here’s why:

Better care. Physicals performed during part of a yearly well care visit are more comprehensive than rushed sport visit.

Better cost. Usually well care visits are fully covered by insurance at your doctor’s office. Why pay for a separate visit?

Better access. Physicals are good for one year from the date of a well care visit. If your child has already had a checkup within the past year, it’s likely a separate sports clinic visit isn’t needed at all. You’ll just need to fill out the paperwork (PDF), have it signed by the doctor, and turn it in to your child’s school.

Get the pesky paperwork needed for school and sports out of the way by scheduling your child’s annual well child visit right now – before life gets crazy with the summer months.

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