Sylvia's Robotic Gall Bladder Story - Pella Regional Health Center

Worth the drive

Sylvia's Robotic Gall Bladder Surgery PhotoOn a Thursday morning, Sylvia Mork experienced her first-ever gall bladder attack. With no warning signs or symptoms, Mork went straight to her local doctor in northeast Iowa to learn what was wrong and how to fix it.

“I’m an insulin-dependent diabetic,” said Mork. “After the gall bladder attack, I knew it had to come out, but it was important to me to find the way that would be the least invasive to my body. Diabetics sometimes struggle to have wounds heal, and I knew that I wanted to give myself the best chance to recover quickly.”

Mork, who lives in West Union, Iowa, immediately began an Internet search to learn more about her options. It didn’t take her long to find Dr. Matt Morgan on the Web site. Morgan was the first surgeon in Iowa to perform single incision robotic gall bladder removal surgery. He is still one of only a few in Iowa who perform this procedure.

“I view robotic surgery techniques as the best opportunity to get patients feeling better and back to work more quickly,” said Dr. Morgan.

After her gall bladder attack, Mork scheduled an appointment in Pella. Morgan went through a complete pre-operative assessment and discussed the robotic surgery with her.

“I was familiar with Pella after having attended Central College,” said Mork. “And after meeting with Dr. Morgan, I was very comfortable with him.”

The following week, Mork was scheduled for surgery. With a snowstorm scheduled to hit, Mork and her husband chose to make the three-and-a-half hour drive to Pella on Tuesday, Jan. 29 with surgery scheduled for first thing Wednesday morning. By 3 pm that afternoon, Mork was leaving the hospital.

“It was worth the drive,” said Mork. “Two days before the gall bladder attack, my husband and I purchased a vacation to the Dominican Republic at the end of February. Dr. Morgan assured me we’d be able to go.”

Two weeks after surgery, Mork is happily packing for her trip and cleared for travel with no restrictions from her doctor!