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Raymond WeinmeisterWhen the problems started in May 2014, Raymond Weinmeister of Oskaloosa had no idea how bad it would be. But today, he is thankful to say that he feels better now than he did before the problems started. Raymond attributes his health to two things: his wife Nancy and Pella Regional Health Center’s Home Health Care.

“I have the best ever wife,” said Raymond. “Nancy took care of it all. And Pella’s Home Health was the best. They were always professional, punctual and wonderful to me.”

Raymond’s health problems started with diverticulitis. An infection ran throughout his colon, and an abscess formed on his bowel. Surgery was required, and while it was touch-and-go for a while, Raymond was successful with surgery at Mercy Hospital in Des Moines. To recover, he was admitted to a nursing home, but things didn’t go as well there. Before long, he was dehydrated due to the flu and was taken by ambulance back to Mercy.

His wife Nancy remembers her frustration.

“As he recovered in the hospital, I told the doctor that he was not going back to a nursing home,” said Nancy. “I knew that he would get better at home. I wanted him to be with Pella Regional’s Home Care because they are so excellent. Janice Graham in their wound care had so impressed me earlier. So when this happened, I just knew that Pella would take good care of him.”

Raymond began with Pella Regional Health Center’s Home Care on Feb. 8, 2015 and just graduated to full independence on July 7.

“I feel good today,” said Raymond. “I’m better now than before I was sick. I was a dead duck when this started, and I missed three bullets. But I’m healed and it’s gone good.”

The Weinmesters said that they think they met everyone Pella Regional has in Home Health, and everyone was very supportive. But they especially appreciated their primary caregiver, Lori Van Hal and physical therapist Michelle Morgan.

“I would recommend Pella Regional’s Home Care to anyone over nursing home care,” said Nancy. “The patient is happy. And I’m happy.”

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