Nelda's Dialysis Story - Pella Regional Health Center

High Praises for Dialysis at Pella Regional

Nelda PealerNelda Pealer’s journey with diabetes has had many ups and downs. One of the most difficult points in was when her kidneys failed in 1984. Her son was only 2 years old at the time. “The picture painted for my future was very bleak,” said Nelda.

Nelda decided on in-home dialysis until having a kidney/pancreas transplant. That transplant lasted for 15 years before her kidney failed again. Then she did dialysis at Pella Regional’s center for a year before having another kidney transplant which lasted 2 years. She is now back on dialysis at Pella Regional Health Center.

“I’ve been going to dialysis every Monday, Wednesday and Friday for the past 10 years,” said Nelda. “You don’t miss. You have to think and plan for everything,” said Nelda.

“It doesn’t stop life, though. We’ve even traveled a fair amount,” said Nelda. “We even went on a 3 week trip to California. We just had to plan around my stopping at other dialysis units along the way. The social worker planned it for us and it worked out well.”

Nelda has high praises for the dialysis unit at Pella Regional. “As I said, I’ve traveled and been to other dialysis units and I know we have a great one here. Others are fine, but it’s not the same. Here, your nurses are your friends and really care about you. It’s clean and everyone has such an eye for detail about what you may want or need,” said Nelda.

“Dialysis is a lifesaver for me and certainly part of my diabetes story. I’m so tired, but life is good. At one point I didn’t know if I’d see my son grow up. Now I’m seeing my grandchildren grow up,” smiled Nelda. “It’s a challenge, but doable.”