Linda's Story - Take 2 - Pella Regional Health Center

Independence in a New Form

Linda Kizer RehabilitationLinda Kizer is no stranger to physical therapy or the services of Pella Regional Health Center. Years ago, she shared her story about a shoulder injury and her recuperation process at Medical Clinic in Knoxville. Unfortunately, Linda had another even more serious injury this past July when she was camping and fell. She broke her leg in many places requiring a complicated surgery performed in Des Moines.

Following her surgery and inpatient stay, Linda took the first opportunity she had to get back to care at Pella Regional Health Center. “To me, this is the best hospital hands down. They treat you like a person and that’s so valuable to me,” said Linda

Linda recovered in Skilled Care at Pella Regional for more than a month. Skilled care is for patients who aren’t ready to return to their homes, but no longer require acute care received in the hospital. “It was my home for a while. And it was a good home. Everyone was wonderful and kind. It was a difficult time for me personally and they were all great,” said Linda.

Linda then went home but continued to require physical therapy in her home. Her treatment program aimed to relieve pain, restore mobility, increase strength and improve function. “I was learning to be upright and independent again. It’s fearful to break something so badly,” said Linda. “I now have a fear of falling. I want to be safe so my real goal with therapy is to be secure in my everyday ability to get around. I’m so much better now and the therapists continue to help me with my stability.”

A large part of her outpatient rehabilitation involves home exercises that the physical therapist outlines for each patient. “I like to do them because I can tell they help,” said Linda. “I know this can be difficult for some people but I like that the home exercises get me to take time within my day to concentrate on healing.”

Linda knows a very real truth for herself at this point in her life. Family and friends are the most valuable thing in her life and at some point we all need someone. She’s learning to heal in her physical therapy to get back to activities she enjoys. She is also learning to take time for herself and enjoy all of the people around her.