Laura’s Obstetrics Story - Pella Regional Health Center

Valuable Preparation for Baby Grace

Grace NorbergLaura and Clayton Norberg of Oskaloosa were thrilled to welcome their baby girl, Grace, into the world on April 4, 2015. Grace’s birth went quickly and Laura describes it with a smile as “an experience you won’t forget.”

Laura works at Kinetic Edge Physical Therapy and had heard good things from her co-workers and friends about Dr. Anne Hellbusch, family medicine physician who also practices obstetrics, and the other staff at Pella Regional. “I didn’t have a provider before Dr. Hellbusch with my pregnancy. She and her nurse, Beth, are great,” said Laura.

Laura was also interested in having an epidural during her labor, which many area hospitals do not offer. The full-range of anesthesia options at Pella Regional, including an epidural, gives many women peace of mind as they anticipate the birth.

To prepare for their baby’s arrival, the Norberg’s took the prenatal class offered through Pella Regional. “We went over everything from the labor process to CPR safety. We got a tour of the unit and talked over complications. It was all very valuable,” explained Laura. She shares that her husband also learned a lot in the class and turned out to be a “great coach” during the birth.

Dr. Hellbusch was out of town when Grace arrived. “I had known beforehand and was prepared. Dr. Wittenberg was there for the delivery,” said Laura. “He was very encouraging and the nurses were so knowledgeable.”

And when she was asked about the quality of her care as Pella Regional? “It was a great experience,” said Laura. “Everyone was friendly and professional.”

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