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Felt the Difference Right Away

Kyle's Pella Regional Orthotics Story Kyle Winward has had a problem with pain in his legs for most of his life due to his problem with fallen arches, especially in his left side. As he entered his mid-30s, the pain was almost continuous.

“The nerves and muscles from my arch to my hip were very painful. It was rare to not have some pain every day,” said Kyle.  When he visited with a podiatrist, he was referred to physical therapy at Pella Regional for orthotics.

Years earlier, Kyle had tried a pair of orthotics that was not successful at all. He’d also tried inserts from the store and shoes with extra arch support. While those options helped, it was always temporary.

His experience at Pella Regional was vastly different. “With this pair of orthotics I felt the difference right away. It was great to have that extra support,” said Kyle. “It was fairly miraculous. Within 24 hours I had much less pain.”

Now Kyle is back to enjoying his favorite form of exercise-walking. And when Kyle is out and about with his young family he can really enjoy it and not be uncomfortable. “My quality of life is much improved. You could say I have more bounce in my feet now,” laughs Kyle.

“Pella Regional’s orthotics are very affordable and have been a definite blessing,” said Kyle. “My first pair lasted for about four years.”

“My experiences at Pella Regional have been fabulous. The staff really makes you feel comfortable,” said Kyle. “My family and I have had nothing but good experiences.”

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