Cynthia’s Gynecology Story - Pella Regional Health Center

Always There for My Questions

Cynthia Van ZettenCynthia Van Zetten is a retired school teacher from Oskaloosa who recently had a hysterectomy with significant repairs. She is now looking forward to getting back to normal activities and substitute teaching.

According to Cynthia, it all started when she felt something unusual that was later diagnosed as a prolapsed bladder. “It was very uncomfortable and there was a lot of pressure on my bladder,” said Cynthia.

When she visited with her health care provider about the issue, she was referred to one of Pella Regional’s gynecologists, Dr. Dale Lensing. At her visit, she and Dr. Lensing decided to go a less aggressive route with a pessary, which Cynthia describes as a device that holds the bladder inside.

“Well, that didn’t work for me at all,” said Cynthia. “It may work for some people, but I was only successful in getting it in once. I decided it just wasn’t for me and went back to Dr. Lensing.”

Dr. Lensing explained to her that the reason she had a prolapsed bladder was because her uterus was pushing down on her bladder and that having vaginal deliveries can contribute to that. Because of that, Dr. Lensing suggested a full robotic hysterectomy.

“It’s a big decision so I talked it over with my youngest daughter who is a health care professional. She believed it was the right thing to do and I felt confident in Dr. Lensing,” said Cynthia. The surgery was more than four hours long, performed by Dr. Lensing and his partner, Dr. Joseph Coleman. The procedure required them to take all of the organs except for the cervix.

“I was very pleased when I came in for my prep work,” said Cynthia. “Everyone was expecting me and I didn’t wait anywhere. Everyone was so prepared. I especially want to point out the people at the front desk because they were so nice and helpful.”

After surgery, Cynthia’s hospital stay went very well. She was especially impressed that people were calling her by her name. “I wasn’t the lady in room 212, I was Cynthia. That’s really nice,” she said.

Dr. Lensing continued to follow Cynthia’s progress in the hospital and made it possible for her to have a smooth discharge process. “I was very pleased with every step of my experience,” said Cynthia. “Dr. Lensing really listens to what you say. He doesn’t just disappear when he leaves the exam room. He is always there for my questions. When you are there, he is there. Not just on to the next thing.”