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When Brady Pettyjohn was 3 years old he wasn’t saying much and it was difficult to understand him. His mom, Mindy, was doing a lot of individual work with Brady, but wanted the extra, specific help that a speech therapist could provide.

“I was with him all the time so I could speak his language. But it was very frustrating for him when people would consistently ask him ‘What?’ all the time,” shared Mindy.

They started working with the AEA and schools but at the end of the last school year Mindy decided she wanted extra, more consistent help with his speech therapy. With that, Brady started working with Pella Regional’s staff.

Dr. Carlstone did the initial referral at school and when I asked about additional help, he agreed, and we started working with Janna at Pella Regional” said Mindy. “Janna communicates regularly with the speech therapist at the school. That works great because they agree on the same goals for Brady and can stay on the same page.”

Speech therapists work on a variety of speech concerns including those who cannot produce speech sounds or cannot produce them clearly. In their sessions, Brady works with Janna to improve on his production of sounds. Speech therapists provide treatment to improve articulation of individual sounds or reduce errors in production of sound patterns.

“Brady loves Janna. She’s really good with him and he likes going to the sessions,” said Mindy. Over the last year, Brady’s speech has really improved. According to Mindy, he is more comfortable talking with people, less shy, knows his sounds very well, and she’s seen positive advances in his relationships with family and other children.

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