Alisha’s Hernia Robotic Surgery Story - Pella Regional Health Center

Everyone Was Considerate

Alisha BrownAlisha Brown is a busy mom of 3 children from Agency who works full-time outside the home. She had robotic surgery at Pella Regional to repair a hernia that she developed with her most recent pregnancy. She is back at work and busy chasing her children around after a successful surgery.

Alisha is a patient of Dr. Joseph Coleman, gynecologist, who practices at Pella Regional’s Medical Clinic in Ottumwa. When she found out she was pregnant, her appointments were scheduled with Dr. Betsy Siitari, family practice physician who also provides obstetrics, who also practices at Medical Clinic in Ottumwa.

When the hernia developed during her pregnancy she wore a lower abdominal binder to help with the discomfort and was referred to one of Pella Regional’s general surgeons, Dr. Matt Morgan.

“I was less nervous because we decided on robotic surgery and I knew it was less invasive,” said Alisha. “There were only 3 very small incisions. There was a lot less recovery time and minimal pain. I was out of the hospital the same day.”

“This surgery is ideal for those who have had previous procedures for an inguinal hernia repair,” said Dr. Morgan. “I have been very impressed with the recovery of these patients as they do not have the swelling and pain associated with an open surgery.”

Alisha was also working with her employer regarding her time off for the surgery. “I really appreciated how they took care of the paperwork I needed for work. I always got everything back the same day. The nurse in the office was great,” said Alisha.

“Everyone was very considerate,” said Alisha. “At the time of surgery, I was still breastfeeding my newborn. The staff let me pump before going back for the procedure and gave me appropriate medications so I could continue breastfeeding. I’ve been to other hospitals and you could really tell there was a big difference in quality of care and the attention I received.”