Surgery at Pella Regional Expands to 4 Operating Rooms - Pella Regional Health Center

Published on March 28, 2016

Surgery at Pella Regional Expands to 4 Operating Rooms

PELLA, Iowa – Surgery at Pella Regional Health Center has been renovated to include an additional operating room which will be primarily used for robotic surgery. This expansion allows for better scheduling and flexibility for all of the surgical specialties who are providing care to patients. The hospital now has a total of 4 operating rooms, a dedicated urologic room, two endoscopic procedure rooms, a post-anesthesia care unit focused on recovery and additional outpatient admissions rooms for before and after surgery.

With Pella Regional’s growth in surgical volumes, expansion to a fourth operating room became necessary. In 2015, Pella Regional saw a 17.7 percent increase in surgical procedures over 2014; and there has been a nearly 30 percent increase over 2013. Robotic surgeries have also increased in volume over the last few years, performing more than 500 cases in 2015. The total number of surgical procedures performed in 2015 was 5,407.

“The addition of two outpatient surgery rooms allows for better flow pre and post operatively,” said Deb Davis, manager of surgery at Pella Regional. “We now have a total of 16 outpatient surgery rooms which will reduce any potential delays in workflow. There were also some changes in the nursing station to allow for improved work flow and space for nurses, surgeons and anesthetists.”

Pella Regional partnered with Stryker and Intuitive Surgical to design the larger operating room to be a fully integrated room for multiple types of robotic surgery, the first of its kind in Iowa. The equipment in the operating room communicates during surgical cases without the need for numerous wires, cords and other equipment.

“I am so glad that our patients will benefit from the added space and technology that we are offering with the Stryker and Intuitive integration. This could not have come at a better time considering our growth in the last few years,” said Yvonne O’Brien-Evans, chief nursing officer at Pella Regional.

The improved design allows for a more efficient work flow. The updated “boom” houses video and robotic support equipment used throughout each case. Its mounted configuration helps provide a cordless operating room from a robotics component standpoint. Having the tower on the boom eliminates the need for an extra vision tower to better provide surgeons, staff and nurse anesthetists more room around the patient.

The Stryker 1588 AIM Platform was also installed in all four operating rooms. This allows for high definition video resolution for surgeons during procedures, allowing for improved visualization and safety.

“As we grow, I’m consistently thankful for all that our staff does to maintain our culture of compassionate care and quality service,” said Bob Kroese, chief executive officer at Pella Regional. “It’s their efforts and hard work that encourage more and more patients to use Pella Regional Health Center every year!”