Published on September 25, 2020

Pella Regional Conducts Successful Point of Dispensing Drill

 PELLA, Iowa— Pella Regional Health Center conducted a Closed Point of Dispensing (POD) Drill on Thursday, September 24, POD Drill practicing for a mass emergency that would require vaccines to be distributed quickly and efficiently to employees. Employees were given the option to have their flu shot administered during the drill.

The goal of a POD site is to provide vaccinations to hospital employees and others in a coordinated, orderly and efficient manner to help slow or stop the spread of disease within the community.

 A POD is a location where state and local agencies distribute medical countermeasures (MCMs) such as vaccines, antiviral drugs, antibiotics, antitoxins, and chemical antidotes, used to prevent, mitigate, or treat adverse health effects of a health emergency. PODs can be open or closed. Open PODs are operated by local public health departments and distribute MCMs to the public. Closed PODs are staffed and managed by partner organizations that dispense MCMs only to their own populations.

 Pella Regional is the only closed POD in Marion County and was the first to conduct the drill in the region. “Pella Regional must be ready for all situations for the safety of our staff, patients, and the community,” said Tracey Hall, Emergency Department Director and co-chairman of the Pella Regional Health Center Emergency Management Committee.