Published on May 04, 2020

NEW Program Nurses Honored for 2019 Success

 PELLA, Iowa— As part of the Nurse Week celebration at Pella Regional Health Center, nursing staff who have participated in the NEW (Nursing Excellence Within) Program from 2019 are honored. The NEW Program is a way to recognize and reward registered nurses within Pella Regional for their professional and personal growth and accomplishments.

 The program centers on professional development, professional practice and behaviors, outcomes and community connections. There are 3 levels of participation, with each level requiring additional time and commitment. Examples of activities that could apply include obtaining an additional degree or certification, acting as a preceptor to students or volunteering within the community.

 This year, several nurses achieved their goal level:



Linda Groenendyk                 Level 1


Joan Vande Krol-Zylstra        Level 2


Sherri Church-Derringer        Level 2

Amber Clark                         Level 2

Tami Fairbanks                     Level 2

Tracey Hall                           Level 1

Michelle Hunsinger                Level 1

Family Birthing Center

Carrie Kelderman                  Level 2

Pam Wolver                          Level 1

Home Health

Sheila Burgey                       Level 2

Infusion Center

Mary Jo Van Roekel               Level 1

Medical Clinic in Monroe

Kim Jenkins                          Level 1

Medical Clinic in Ottumwa

Emily Kahler                          Level 1

Pella Medical Clinic

Liz Gates                               Level 1

Medical Surgical Unit           

Pam Klyn                               Level 1


Pat Dykstra                           Level 2

Dan Schreur                          Level 1

Ramona Van Dusseldorp         Level 1