Published on October 16, 2018

New Option to Fill Prescriptions at Medical Clinic in Prairie City

PELLA, Iowa— Patients of Pella Regional Health Center’s Medical Clinic in Prairie City now have the option of filling prescriptions right in the medical clinic at an InstyMeds machine. It’s a safe and easy way to get prescriptions within minutes.

Medications available will include those commonly prescribed for infections, ear aches, pneumonia, cold/flu, allergies, muscle aches, strep throat, rashes, dizziness, sports injuries, bronchitis and abdominal pain. Certain over the counter medications will also be available.

“This new system eliminates the need for patients to have to go out of town to fill a prescription when they’re not feeling well or in pain,” says Lisa Fiorentin, manager at Medical Clinic in Prairie City. “This will help them get back on the road to recovery as soon as possible.”

The providers at Medical Clinic in Prairie City enter a prescription electronically and give patients a voucher with a unique security code. Using the touch-screen of the InstyMeds dispenser, the patient enters the unique security code and their date of birth. The patient then swipes a credit card to pay for the prescription. After the safety check, the pre-packaged, labeled product is dispensed from the machine to the patient.

Patients pay the standard rate for a prescription, but if insurance covers the prescription, InstyMeds submits a claim just like a pharmacy would. The patient pays the co-pay or the full amount, depending on insurance, at the dispenser, by credit card.