Published on October 23, 2017

New Electronic Health Record Upgrade at Pella Regional Nov. 1

PELLA, Iowa – Pella Regional Health Center is upgrading to a new electronic health record on Wednesday, Nov. 1. The new system promises to bring better efficiencies, improved documentation and allow staff to better serve patients.

“Meditech 6.15 is a huge undertaking with potentially great rewards for those who utilize the system. These benefits don't only cover patient care but they span across the whole organization,” said Bob Kroese, chief executive officer of Pella Regional Health Center.

The Information Technology team at Pella Regional has worked on this transition for more than a year. Core team members have been involved for the past three months to build and personalize the system for their individual departments, ensuring that best practices are part of the system’s process.

“For a short time, patients may notice doctors, nurses, and other hospital employees taking additional time and energy working with the new system,” said Jeff Hall, chief information officer at Pella Regional. “Staff will need time to get used to a new system but will do everything within their abilities to be sensitive to our patient’s needs. Our goal is to make the transition to the new system as calm as possible.”