Media Relations: General Policies and Procedure 

The purpose of the media policy is to provide members of the media with access to medical specialists and as much information as reasonably possible while protecting the rights, confidentiality  and comfort of patients and their families, hospital employees and others directly involved with Pella Regional Health Center.

Media Responsibility

Public Relations is responsible for all media relations for Pella Regional Health Center and its associated departments, divisions and organizations. This includes:

  • Disseminating all news releases, 
  • Placement of all advertising,
  • Handling of all media inquiries, including requests for information and interviews. (This includes interviews and inquiries by phone and/or e-mail, and interviews done for trade journals or vendors).

Public Relations is the official Pella Regional Health Center contact during a crisis situation and in all matters concerning organizational policy, services, programs, procedures, patients and employees.

Public Relations tracks inquiries from the media, and when appropriate, can provide additional or more appropriate sources of information.

The Public Relations office is open from 8 am – 4:30 pm, Monday through Friday. Please call public relations at 641-621-2358 for media requests or inquiries.

Media Coming to Pella Regional

All media interviews or photographs with Pella Regional Health Center patients, administrators, physicians and employees MUST be cleared through Public Relations. No other hospital employees are authorized to grant media access.

While on the property of any Pella Regional Health Center owned or operated facility or clinical practice, members of the media must always be accompanied by a Public Relations staff member or representative designated by Public Relations.

Media reporters, videographers and photographers should enter Pella Regional Health Center facilities through the main entrance and wait in the lobby area until met by the Public Relations staff. Media who enter Pella Regional Health Center property without clearance should be stopped and asked to go to the lobby area until a Public Relations staff member can be contacted. This policy is in effect to secure the confidentiality of our patients in concurrence with the American Hospital Association and HIPPA guidelines.

Access to Patient Care Areas

Media access may be limited or denied to any area of a Pella Regional Health Center facility at the discretion of the patients’ health care team or an individual physician.


Pella Regional Health Center requires all patients to sign a consent form before agreeing to be photographed or videotaped by the news media or an in-house photographer. Public Relations will secure the signed release form before any photography or videotaping begins.

Identification of Facility/Center

Reporters are asked to use the complete name of the facility—Pella Regional Health Center—when referring to it in a story. Reporters must identify Pella Regional Health Center staff by title in stories related to the staff member’s work at Pella Regional Health Center.

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