Published on June 18, 2018

Jacie Kramer, RN, BSN, at Pella Regional Presents at National Conference

Jacie Kramer, RN, BSNPELLA, Iowa –Jacie Kramer, RN, BSN, Inpatient Revenue Integrity Analyst/
Clinical Documentation Specialist at Pella Regional Health Center presented at the Association of Clinical Documentation Improvement Specialists Conference in San Antonio in May. Kramer shared her experience with implementing the Inpatient Clinical Documentation Improvement program and the success of the program at Pella Regional.

Clinical documentation is at the core of every patient visit. It must be accurate, timely and reflect the services provided. Successful programs facilitate the accurate representation of a patient’s clinical status that translates into coded data. Coded data is then translated into quality reporting, physician report cards, reimbursement, public health data and disease tracking and trending.