Published on April 03, 2018

First Fill Pharmacy at Pella Medical Clinic

PELLA, Iowa –Pella Medical Clinic has opened a First Fill Pharmacy to improve medication adherence for Pella Regional patients. Patients who are prescribed a new medication at their appointment are now able to leave the medical clinic with their medication.

A large part of properly managing a patient’s health care is by taking the proper medications at the proper time. By having the First Fill Pharmacy within Pella Medical Clinic, patients will get immediate access to the medication they need such as antibiotics for a sick child without making an additional stop after an appointment.

“We are constantly working to improve aspects of our patient centered medical home. The medical home is designed to keep patients healthy by providing primary care and taking steps to manage health,” said Lezlie Morris, Chief of Clinic Services at Pella Regional. “Research indicates that up to a third of prescriptions written are not filled. Some don’t even make it to the pharmacy while others are never picked up. We believe that giving our patients this new option will help improve health outcomes, especially for our patients with chronic illnesses such as diabetes or heart disease.”

The First Fill Pharmacy within Pella Medical Clinic is open Monday – Friday from 9 am – 6 pm. Once the first prescription is filled, patients can get their refills at Pella Regional’s Pharmacy on the Square at 802 Washington St. or have the prescription transferred to another pharmacy of their choice.

Beyond the First Fill Pharmacy at Pella Medical Clinic, the hospital has taken many steps in recent years to improve access to medical care in the region. Pella Medical Clinic is now open during the week until 7 pm and Saturday mornings to better meet the needs of our patients.

Pella Regional also has the 24/7 Nurseline that guides Pella Regional hospital and medical clinic patients through their medical questions including general direction on medication, symptom management and more. They also direct patients to the appropriate level of care for their health concern which may include self-treatment at home, scheduling a medical clinic appointment, or going to Emergency.

Another recent improvement is access to same day appointments at Pella Medical Clinic. Providers want to make sure that when someone is sick they don’t need to make a trip to emergency to get the care needed. Some conditions that generally don’t call for an emergency visit, and can be handled in a medical clinic appointment include:

• Earaches & headaches
• Pink eye
• Minor cuts in which bleeding has stopped
• Sprain, rash or sunburn
• Insect sting
• Fever
• Colds, coughs and sore throats