Published on May 01, 2017

Chronic Care Visits at Pella Regional’s Medical Clinics

PELLA, Iowa – At Pella Regional Health Center, health care providers are constantly striving to improve the way they work with patients to provide the highest quality care to optimize health. Pella Regional’s medical clinic staff is being more proactive in efforts to get patients with chronic conditions in for follow up appointments on a regular basis.

Appropriate follow up care can minimize the progression of health problems, meaning fewer symptoms and a lower risk of complications. This can slow or stop the progression of a chronic condition leading to better quality of life. Good communication with providers on a regular basis is the best way to stay on top of chronic conditions and concerns.

Because follow up appointments have proven to improve quality, both Medicare/Medicaid and other insurance companies have started rating your provider on the quality, frequency and outcomes of your health. The overarching goal for both the health insurance companies and for Pella Regional is to focus on early detection and prevention.

Staff is now calling patients who are overdue for chronic care follow-ups and other preventative services. Patients with care gaps (ex. lipid lab, blood pressure check, colonoscopy) are identified using standards and quality guidelines set by the patient’s own health insurance company. The quality programs encourage patients with chronic conditions to be seen more frequently by their provider to monitor their health and prevent the chronic conditions from getting worse.