Legacy Society

The Legacy Society is made up of individuals who have made a gift to support the Foundation by way of the options listed below valued at $5,000 or more. Each year, the Legacy Society members are recognized and updated on Pella Regional Health Center’s plans and given an exclusive look inside the hospital at the annual Legacy Society Event. 

Legacy Society membership is available to anyone who has made a gift to Pella Regional Health Center Foundation by:

  • Creation of a charitable trust; 
  • Purchase of a charitable gift annuity or a life insurance policy; 
  • A gift of farm or residence with life estate reserved; 
  • A gift of retirement plan assets; or 
  • A cash gift of $5,000 or more to an endowment.

Andreas Foundation

Cyndi Deal Atkins

Jeff and Rita Bender

Karla Berg

Pat Best

Jim and Ole Blasi

Carl* and Dody Boat

Rick and Pam Boat

Steve and Diane Boat

Nelson* and Elinor Bogaard

Arie Boot

Jeff and Kristi Braafhart

Jim and Barb Braafhart

Jim and Sue Brandl

Lyle and Mary Jane* Brillhart

Roger and Janice Brown

Bette* Brunsting

Dr. Rob and Alicia Bruxvoort

Orville Bultsma

Donald* and Barbara Butler

Dr. Spencer and Amanda Carlstone

Cassling Diagnostic

Dr. Ron and Amy Childerston

Dr. Joseph and Wanda Coleman

Marsha Collins

Community 1st Credit Union

David and Sarah Cottington

Robert* Crozier

Bryce and Marla Dahm

Jacob B.* and Arvena Dahm

Jim and Phyllis Danks

Dan and Angela DeCook

Mark and Kay DeCook

Dr. Ralph and LuAnn De Haan

Verlan and Karen Den Adel

Harold* and Wilma* Den Besten

Kevin and Charlene Den Hartog

Raymond* and Barbara* Dieleman

Gene* Dingeman

Jeff and Nicole Dingeman

Gary Dirksen

Ray* and Elva Doorenbos

Earth Tool Company, LLC

Mark and Lori Ellingson

Lon and Yvonne Evans

Charles Farver

Joan* Farver

Dennis and Janet Fogle

Kurt and Jolene Furr

Clarence* and Wilma* Gee

Geetings Inc.

Rich and Mary Glendening

Graham Construction Company

James and Mary Griffith

Dr. Matt and Kim Gritters

Daniel and Debra Groenenboom

Jeff and Deb Hall

John* and Ruth* Harmeling

Dr. Jeff and Pam Hartung

Melvin and Dorna Haught

Ned* Hedrick

Bruce* and Sandy Heerema

Martin* and Elva May* Heerema

Dr. Anne and Austin Hellbusch

Dr. Lee Henry

Curt and Pat Hite

Max* Hoeksma

Robert* and Freda* Hoeksema

Ron and Marilou Houk

Adah* Hunziker

Elizabeth* Huyser

Francis* and Jeannette* Huyser

Basil and Loretta Hyde

Iowa Pathology Associates, P.C.

Ethel* Jaarsma

Ralph and Elaine Jaarsma

Dr. John and Sandy Kanis

Dr. Stewart* and Jeanne* Kanis

Scott and Deb* Kinney

Barb Kniff - McCulla

Howard* and Madonna* Knutson

Fred and Sandra Kreykes

Bob and Nancy Kroese

Shannon Krumm

Marjorie* Kuiper

Peter and Lucille Gaass Kuyper Foundation

LDJ Manufacturing

Leighton State Bank

Dr. Dale and Lisa Lensing

Bob and Carol Loynachan

Wade and Lee Ann Magel

Main Street Advisory Group

Marion County Bank


Tim and Diane McCombs

David and Carla McFarland

John and Pamela Menninga

Menninga Electric

MidTown Tire Company

MidWest One Bank

Dr. Kenneth and Dorothy Monsma

Dr. Matt and Kim Morgan

Mark and Lezlie Morris

Bernie and Janet Naset-Payne

Duane and Nicole Olivier

Gertrude* Olivier

Matthew* Olivier

Pella Hospital Auxiliary

Pella Imaging Consultants, Inc.

Pella Lions Club

Pella Rolscreen Foundation

Bill* and Uella* Peters 

Rev. Larry and Karin Peterson

Pigott, Inc.

Merrill and Lana Pol

Stan and Gayle Poortinga

Dr. Rich and Carol Posthuma

Precision Pulley & Idler

Mark and Tammy Putnam

Preston and Billie Rhamy

William* Riebe Estate

David and Betsy Roe

Ervin and Andrea Roorda

Jack* and Leona* Ross

Anna Mae* Rus

Hilda* Rus

Tim Sadler

Michael and Carol Salter

Ruby* Schrader

Brian and Sherrie Scorpil

Dr. Aaron and Dr. Alison Smith

Thyrza* Steward

Roger and Jinnie Stoll

Greg and Marcy Stravers

David and Ardith Sutphen

Paul* and Vernice* Ter Louw

Brian Thomas

Paul and Carla Thomassen

Dr. Michael and Anne Thompson

Travis and Teresa Thompson

Gary and Maurine Timmer

Hazel E.* Tysseling

Ulrich Motor Company

KC and Gloria Valster

Steve and Terry Van Dusseldorp

Don and Rita Van Maanen

Larry and Jan Van Maanen

Ethel Van Rheenen

Bernie* and Tana* Van Roekel

Mark and Angela Van Roekel

Scott and Cindy Van Tasell

Margaret* Van Vark

Dick* and Marjorie* Van Zante

Jim and Christy Van Zee

Casey and Dr. Tereasa Van Zee-Seieroe

Keith* and Joan Vande Krol

Dorothy Vande Voort

Judd and Dr. Robin Vande Voort

Dennis and Joyce Vander Beek

Dr. Dale and Dr. Nancy Vander Broek

Arvin and Ruth Vander Linden

Rua* Vander Linden

Lyle and Kathy Vander Meiden

Chuck* and Bernice* Vander Ploeg

James and Elizabeth Vander Ploeg

Tom and Kim Vander Ploeg

Bob* and Olive* Vander Wal

John* and Phyllis Vander Wert

Schiebout Charitable Foundation, Cory and Sandy Veenstra

Dewey and Wilma Veenstra

John* and Jennie Veenstra

Kevin and Jill Veenstra

Verle* and Hilda* Ver Dught

John P.* and Virginia* Ver Meer

Stan* and Virginia Ver Ploeg

Bob and Arlys Verdoorn

Gary* and Matilda* Vermeer

Harry* and Bernice Vermeer

Dr. Micah and Liz Vermeer

Robert and Lois Vermeer

Vermeer Charitable Foundation, Inc.

Stan* and Donna Vroom

Jack and Joan* Walvoord

Ron and Cherie Wauters

Dr. Joel and Nichelle Weiler

Dr. Ken and Shirely Weller

Jim and Karen Westercamp

Ron and Cindy Willemsen

Mark and Christine Wiskus

John and Bev Wisse

Dr. Craig and Angela Wittenberg

Dwight and Dolores Young

Robert and Charlene Zylstra

* Denotes deceased members

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