Continuing Education Endowments

Continuing Education Endowments assist Pella Regional employees pursuing further education, attending seminars or conferences and for certification in their areas of expertise. 

• Barb Braafhart Scholarship for Continuing Education Needs for Nurses
• Continuing Education Endowment Scholarship
• Gene Dingeman Scholarship for Continuing Education Needs for the Professional Nursing Staff
• Robert and Nancy Kroese Education Endowment
• Keith & Joan Vande Krol Critical Care Education Fund
• Dewey & Wilma Veenstra Education Scholarship Fund

Your Support in Action: Sharaden Boggs, Pella Regional Laboratory 

Sharaden Boggs

“It felt like I could breathe again,” Sharaden recalls after finding out she’d received a scholarship through the Pella Regional Foundation. “Last semester I was always worrying about how I was going to pay my bills, but the scholarship will let me relax a little bit.”

Sharaden’s family isn’t able to help her with the cost of attending Central College, so she knew she’d have to work as much as she could.  She started as a Patient Screener in 2020, but her position was restructured at the beginning of the pandemic. She spent some time in the employee reassignment pool before Pella Medical Clinic Manager Jessica Grimm told her about the opportunity to train as a phlebotomist. She now works 20 hours on weekends, but tries to pick up shifts on weeknights in the clinic lab or as a Certified Nursing Assistant in the Med/Surg unit. 

“It’s great that I’ve been able to move around and try new things.  I’m getting a lot of different experiences.”

Originally thinking she’d follow her biology degree with medical school, Sharaden switched to a Nurse Practitioner/Physician’s Assistant track after she started working at Pella Regional. Sharaden says she appreciates how much Pella Regional staff has helped her grow her skills. 

“Beth Grimes, ARNP, always takes the time to explain things to me,” says Sharaden. “Like she’ll show me the x-ray and tell me what it all means.”

Sharaden wants to continue her education with a Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing at Allen College.  She’s excited that attending their Des Moines campus would allow her to do her clinicals at Pella Regional Health Center. 


Your Support in Action: Nicole Richardson, Pella Regional Wound Care & Hyperbaric Medicine 

Nicole Ricardson

Nicole Richardson came from a health care family.  With a paramedic father and lots of nurses around, she knew she wanted to follow in their footsteps, but she wasn’t exactly sure how. 

“As a CMA [Certified Medical Assistant] and PCT [Patient Care Tech], I got to work in lots of different areas,” Nicole says.  “But I wasn’t able to find something I loved.”

That is until she started in the Wound Care department at Pella Regional Health Center. 

“I love the whole process of wound care – getting to see the same patients, building a close rapport, and then finally getting to see them healed.”

And now that she’s found her passion, Nicole is ready to go back to school to become a Registered Nurse.  She’s going to Mercy College on nights and weekends and will graduate in December 2023 with her Associate’s Degree in Nursing. 

Nicole has received several scholarships through the Pella Regional Foundation’s Continuing Education program.  She says the scholarships have helped her not take on too much debt.

And when she’s done with school, Nicole wants to stay in Wound Care.  After a final appointment, the staff rings a bell to celebrate the patient’s recovery.  Here’s to many more bells in Nicole’s future!