Specific Endowments and Funds

Continuing Education Endowment: This endowment assists Pella Regional employees pursuing further education, attending seminars or conferences and for certification in their areas of expertise.

General Endowment: This endowment can be used to fund specific programs, services, equipment or other areas of need within Pella Regional.

General Fund: This fund benefits various programs and services at Pella Regional. Gifts can also be directed for use by specific departments, such as Hospice, Obstetrics, or Home Health to name a few.

Hospice Endowment: This endowment provides needed or special items that are used in the Comfort House.

Spiritual Services Endowment: This endowment supports our chaplain and the spiritual services programs provided to patients, residents and staff at Pella Regional, including Hospice.

Day of Care Program: The Day of Care program provides a way for families and friends to give the gift of a day, or days, of ‘routine care’ for hospice qualified patients with stable acute symptoms who cannot be managed at home or have the financial means to pay for the care they need. A generous gift of $350 will fund one Day of Care for a patient in need. Donations of any amount are appreciated.

Emergency Response Fund: The Emergency Response Fund provides necessary resources to support the Pella Regional Health Center front line care givers during the COVID-19 pandemic and other critical needs that may arise through the situation or any future emergency.

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