Pella Regional provides a wide range of services critical to the patients we serve. Our commitment is truly to our communities - as an employer, as a community resource and as a health care provider.

2020 Healthcare Perceptions & Satisfaction for Pella Regional Health Center and Marion County, Iowa

The leadership of Pella Regional Health Center and Marion County Public Health invite you to help improve the care and services of our community. Please help by answering these few short questions. Please answer honestly and your responses will be kept confidential.

We understand that there has been an unusual time, potential distribution in services, and impact to the health system due to COVID-19. We know that there will be a different normal due to the Pandemic; however, we are attempting to assess services before the occurrence of COVID to address moving forward. The leadership would like you to answer the following questions without considering the impact that COVID had on services. Thank you again for your participation.

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Community Benefits

Our Community Benefits Report accounts for services that are needed by the community, but that Pella Regional Health Center provides at a financial loss. Pella Regional provided over $18 million in community benefits in 2018 according to an assessment by the Iowa Hospital Association. That amount includes over $4.9 million in uncompensated care such as charity care, bad debt and unpaid costs of Medicaid and Medicare. 

These benefits were:

Charity Care at Cost $333,533

Medicaid Shortfall $1,661,969

Medicare Shortfall $1,134,874

Community Building Activities $154,424

Community Health Improvement Services $795,562

(24/7 Nurseline Service, Health Fairs, Screenings, Support Groups, Services to Special Populations)

Community Benefit Operations $2,265

Community Health Improvement Services $50,680

Financial and In-Kind Donations $1,272

Health Professions Education $893,691

(Clinical site for medical, nursing, pharmacy, technical and therapy students)

Subsidized Health Services $11,204,170

Bad Debt $1,786,578

At Pella Regional, we have elected submit financial details from our IRS 990 which reports financial assistance and other community benefits at cost.

Community Health Needs Assessment and Health Implementation Plan Summary

Community Health Needs Assessment Summary

Pella Regional Health Center recently participated in a community engagement project to develop a plan for community health improvement efforts for the next three years. This project included a community health needs assessment, secondary data analysis of health information and a town hall meeting. The project also includes a health implementation plan to help guide the Pella Regional and area organizations in health improvement efforts.

Key findings from the assessment include:

  • Strong local facilities for health care
  • Improved senior care
  • Pella Regional offers excellent emergency care
  • Dedication of doctors
  • Quality ambulance services

View the complete 2017 Community Health Needs Assessment (PDF) here.

Opportunities to make community health changes and improvements were also noted and expanded in the health implementation plan. Key areas for examination include:

  • Lack of qualified health care workers seeking employment
  • Mental health access, diagnosis and placement
  • Community health education

The updated report Health Implementation Plan 2017 (PDF) is available here.


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