3-D Mammograms Available at Pella Regional Medical Clinic in Ottumwa

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Fewer Return Visits, Greater Peace of Mind

No woman looks forward to getting a mammogram, so make sure the one you get gives you reliable results.

Turn to Pella Regional Medical Clinic in Ottumwa for the area's most advanced breast-screening technology: 3-D mammography.

Benefits of 3-D Mammography

A 3-D mammography machine scans your breasts from multiple angles and brings the images together to form one overall 3-D visual. This allows your doctor to distinguish more clearly between normal and abnormal breast tissue, particularly in women with larger breasts or dense breast tissue.

This means you get:

  • Fewer false-positive mammograms
  • Fewer unnecessary follow-up tests and biopsies
  • Earlier detection of abnormal breast tissue
  • More accurate cancer identification

Reduced Anxiety, Earlier Detection

Trust the expert medical team at Pella Regional to reduce the number of false-positive screenings that cause you anxiety and provide the technology you need for early breast cancer detection.

Schedule your 3-D mammogram today at Pella Regional Medical Clinic in Ottumwa.