Preparing for Baby

In the nine months as you get ready to welcome your little one, your life fills with anticipation, excitement and many new experiences. Trust your maternity care to the experts at Pella Regional Health Center, so you can relax and be well prepared for this special event.

Talk with Your Doctor at Prenatal Checkups

During your prenatal appointments, you’ll want to discuss a variety of issues, such as nutrition and physical activity, what to expect during the birth process and proper newborn care.


During your pregnancy and after delivery, good nutrition can help you stay healthy and give your baby a great start in life. Eat a healthful diet that includes a wide range of nutritious foods from different food groups, such as whole grains and fresh vegetables.

Avoid potentially harmful substances, fast foods with high amounts of fats, and foods with chemical additives. Stop using alcohol and tobacco products. Alcohol can cause birth defects, and cigarettes have been shown to increase the risk of miscarriage, low birth weight and other problems.

As an expectant mom, you can naturally anticipate gaining an average of about half a pound per week during the first half of your pregnancy and one pound per week during the second half. In your second and third trimesters, you’ll need to increase your daily calorie intake by about 300 calories per day. That’s equivalent to just one cup of low-fat yogurt or one cup of whole-grain cereal and one cup of low-fat milk. Ask your doctor for more information about nutrition during your pregnancy.

Outpatient Testing

As a mom-to-be, you’re focused on having a healthy baby. To help ensure a positive outcome, your doctor may add outpatient testing to your care, especially if you have certain factors that might put you or your baby at risk. Outpatient evaluations at Pella Regional include:

With your doctor’s order, an experienced obstetrics nurse or a medical imaging staff member conducts your tests at Pella Regional.

Preregister for Your Hospital Admission

Preregister online to help speed up the admission process when you go into labor.

Preregister Online

When you believe you’re in labor, just call our Pregnancy & Birth (Obstetrics) department at 641-268-6613 and speak to a nurse. Then, go directly to the Obstetrics Entrance of the hospital.

Tour Our Pregnancy & Birth Care Suites

Feel more comfortable when you deliver your baby by taking an in-person tour of the pregnancy and birth care area at Pella Regional Health Center. You’ll see our labor and delivery suites, nursery, and mother/baby care areas. You’ll also meet some of the staff who will take care of you and your newborn during your stay.

Arrange your prenatal tour by calling 641-628-6613. If you attend one of our prenatal classes, you’ll automatically get a tour.

Tour Our Birth Suites Online

Even before you come to the hospital, you can take a look inside our well-appointed and secure spaces designed especially to welcome you and your new baby. Click on SCENES below to view all the rooms in our virtual tour.

See inside the following birth-related areas at Pella Regional Health Center:

  • Main Entrance – Call our obstetrics department at 641-628-6613 before you leave home; if you’re experiencing signs of labor, go directly to the Obstetrics Entrance.
  • Lobby – If you’re experiencing signs of labor, go directly to the Obstetrics Entrance. If you’re scheduled for a C-section, stop at the Registration Desk in the Lobby to complete your paperwork.
  • Obstetrics Entrance – Use this entrance if you’re experiencing signs of labor. The department doors are locked 24/7 to provide extra security. Press the intercom to the right of the door to reach our staff members for entrance.
  • Labor, Delivery, Recovery and Postpartum (LDRP) Suites – When you deliver, you’ll enjoy one of our private LDRP suites, outfitted with the latest in advanced fetal monitoring equipment, birthing beds, spacious bathrooms and whirlpool tubs for your comfort.
  • C-section Operating Room – To provide you with the best and most appropriate care during a C-section delivery, your surgical suite team members may include your obstetrics doctor, a general surgeon, a family practice doctor to care for your baby, an obstetrics nurse, two surgical nurses and a nurse anesthetist.
  • Nursery – At Pella Regional, you can choose to keep your baby with you in your private suite, or your baby can spend time in the nursery—just steps away from you.

What to Pack for Your Stay

Give yourself one less thing to worry about by packing for your stay at Pella Regional well ahead of your expected delivery date. Use our printable maternity packing checklist (PDF) so you bring only what you need.

Prenatal Education

Take advantage of a variety of prenatal classes at Pella Regional to learn what you need to know to feel better prepared for the arrival of your new little one.

Register for all classes online or by calling our Baby Hotline at 641-621-BABY. If you call the Baby Hotline, give us your name, date you want to attend, your due date and your doctor’s name.

Prenatal Class

As expectant parents, you’ll learn to understand and recognize the signs and stages of labor, as well as relaxation and breathing techniques to prepare you for labor and delivery. You’ll also discover the options for potential medical interventions, medications and more.

Register for a Prenatal Class

Sibling Class

Help your baby’s siblings-to-be welcome the newest member of the family with what they’ll learn in this helpful class. Children at least two-and-a-half years old are eligible to attend with their parents. Participants visit the birthing suites at Pella Regional, watch a video on sibling rivalry and practice holding a baby. Brothers-to-be and sisters-to-be will get their pictures taken for placement in the baby’s bassinet after birth.

Register for a Sibling Class

Breastfeeding Class

Our certified lactation consultant facilitates this class to provide you, as a new mom, with information about successfully breastfeeding your infant. You’ll learn basic breastfeeding positions, latch-on techniques, signs your baby is getting enough milk, ways dads-to-be can support new breastfeeding moms and more.

Register for a Breastfeeding Class

Helping You Navigate the Insurance Maze

Because today’s insurance policies come with significantly higher co-pays and deductibles, you’re likely to face larger out-of-pocket expenses for your health care. The compassionate Patient Advocates at Pella Regional help you prepare for the cost of your medical procedure, understand the payment process and avoid financial surprises.

Together with a Patient Advocate, you’ll review your specific insurance situation and your doctor’s recommended procedure. Then, our Advocate will estimate your actual cost and work with you to find the best method of payment.

Meet with a Patient Advocate

Infant Massage

Learn to Massage your infant
(up to age 2)!


  • Relaxes and Soothes
  • Deepens Bonding
  • Improves Communication
  • Contributes to Development
  • Empowers

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