Tour Our Surgical Area

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Main Entrance & Parking

Arrive an hour and a half before your scheduled procedure. You’ll find parking spots for surgical patients in the lot off Jefferson Street.

Lobby & Registration

Stop at the Information Desk in the front lobby. Once you’re checked in and registered, you’ll be escorted to the surgery waiting room.

Surgery Waiting Room

Before your procedure, you and your loved ones can wait in our surgery waiting area. During busy times, volunteers are available to respond to your questions.

While your procedure takes place, your loved ones—up to two adults at a time—can use a pager to notify them when to be sure they’re in the surgery waiting room. This means visitors have the flexibility to remain in the waiting room, get refreshments in our cafeteria, stretch their legs with a walk or take care of other matters as they stay in touch with our caring staff.

Outpatient Surgery Room

Once you complete your admission process, you’ll prepare for the operating room in the outpatient surgery room. You’ll return here when you’re ready to go home.

Operating Room

Your procedure will take place in one of our fully equipped operating rooms, where our skilled surgeons and medical staff use the latest in advanced technology for effective care.

Robotic-Assisted Surgery Room

For complex health conditions that benefit from pinpoint precision, your expert surgeons may use our robotic-assisted surgery operating room. Equipped with the da Vinci® surgical system, your surgeon can perform delicate procedures through small incisions. That means you’re likely to experience less pain and scarring, a shorter hospital stay and quicker return to regular activities.

Recovery Room

Following surgery, you’ll spend time in the recovery room under the watchful care and close monitoring of our skilled nursing staff.

Patient Rooms

As you regain your strength, you’ll stay in one of the comfortable patient rooms in our medical/surgical unit. Designed with your privacy and well-being in mind, our rooms provide you and your loved ones with a supportive environment for healing.

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Review your health care options with your primary care physician or a surgeon at Pella Regional Health Center.

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