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The hospital-based Dialysis Unit at Pella Regional has 9 chairs and serves the needs of patients in Pella and the surrounding area.

Dialysis is needed for people with end stage renal disease, which occurs when a person has lost approximately 85 to 90 percent of their kidney function. When this happens, toxins and excess fluid build up in the body. Two of the main causes of kidney disease are untreated high blood pressure and diabetes.

During hemodialysis, the type of dialysis performed at Pella Regional, a dialyzer, often referred to as an artificial kidney, is used to remove toxins and fluid from the body. A hemodialysis treatment typically lasts 3 to 4 hours and is performed at Pella Regional on Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 5 am - 7 pm.

Dialysis at Pella RegionalComprehensive care is provided to dialysis patients by a highly skilled interdisciplinary team. This team consists of a nephrologist, dialysis nurses and technicians, social worker and dietitian. The dialysis team works together with the patient and their family to provide individualized treatment.

Our dialysis nurses and technicians provide the hands on care of the patient. They work with the machines that are removing toxins and excess fluid from the body. The nurses provide ongoing patient assessment during treatment and help coordinate medical care. The social worker’s role is to assist the patient and family members with adjustment to end stage renal disease and the lifestyle changes associated. The dietitian teaches patients and families how to provide the best nutritional options to promote optimal health for the patient living with kidney disease.

In addition to regular visits by their nephrologist, patients receive ongoing monitoring and medical care by internal medicine physicians at Pella Regional.

Pella Regional is actively participating in the 5-Diamond program, a patient safety program through Heartland Kidney Network.

For important information and resources about chronic kidney disease and dialysis go to Dialysis Facility Compare or CiteHealth.

Patient Experience

Research & Marketing Strategies (RMS) was contracted by Pella Regional Health Center to conduct the In-Center Hemodialysis (ICH) Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems (CAHPS®) survey to meet CMS requirements.

Individual results from questions in each of the composite categories of service measured in the survey were combined into a single "top box" result for the entire service category. "Top box" results indicate the percentage of respondents reporting the most positive score for each question (e.g. Always, Yes, and 9 or 10 on the 0 to 10 scale).

General guidelines for overall satisfaction scores would indicate that "top box" scores higher than 90% are considered "very good", between 80% and 90% are considered "good".

Dialysis Center Staff 93%
The Dialysis Center 85%
Treatment 86%

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