Billing Information

The Business Office at Pella Regional is available to help patients work through their health care bills. We understand that billing and collection for health care can be confusing. 

You receive a bill when:

  • You have no insurance coverage for the services you received.
  • Your insurer responds with an Explanation of Benefits (EOB) indicating that you have a balance due.
  • Your balance is not paid in full.

Additional Considerations

Physician Billing

Many physicians are independent and are not employed by the hospital. Fees charged by these physicians for services provided to you at Pella Regional will be billed separately from the hospital.

Payment Required Before Service

You will be required to pay the estimated amount you are responsible for before your surgery, a sleep study or certain imaging tests if you do not carry health insurance or if you have not met all your deductible for your insurance.

Payment Responsibility

Patients with Insurance

You are ultimately responsible for payment of any service received, even if your insurance does not cover the cost. If your payment is not received in a timely manner from the insurance company, you are responsible for the payment at the insurance-approved amount.

Patients without Insurance

If you do not have insurance coverage, it is your responsibility to make payment arrangements for any services received. A 20 % discount is available if the entire account is paid within 60 days. Please contact the Business Office in advance to discuss payment options.

Insurance Filing Services

  • We file your claims to any insurer in the country, provided we receive the appropriate information.
  • We file your claims to any secondary insurance you may have in effect. We only file if there’s a balance left.
  • We receive payment directly from most insurers.
  • We provide financial counseling.

Please take the following steps to help the process:

  • Bring your current insurance cards with you to every visit.
  • If your insurer requires a specific claim form to be attached to your claims, please bring the completed and signed form for each service and present it to the registration person.

Most major insurance companies participate with Pella Regional. We accept the amount an insurance company deems to be usual, customary and reasonable, if we are a participating provider in a health plan. You are responsible for any co-pays and/or deductibles, etc. If you choose to receive a service that is not covered by your health insurer or if we do not participate with your insurer, you are responsible for the entire payment.

Inability to Pay Bills

Pella Regional follows fair billing practices required by the Health Care Finance Administration. This means we must attempt to collect all amounts owed after insurance has paid from every patient served by our facility. If you have not paid your bill and have not contacted the business office to make payment arrangements after receiving three statements, the staff attempts to contact you in order to resolve your balance.

Financial assistance

We understand and respect the stress and strain that is created by medical bills. Pella Regional can provide financial assistance to individuals who qualify. Support is based on need, and eligibility must be demonstrated.

If you would like more information on financial aid requirements, please call the Business Office at 641-628-6601. Our staff can explain the details and help you fill out the necessary forms.

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