Made it to 3 Parades

Marion KlynMarion Klyn, a retired schoolteacher who lives at Pella Manor with his wife had scheduled an appointment with Dr. Christopher Vincent, orthopedic physician, for some nagging knee pain. His plans changed dramatically when he was out running errands and fell. Marion knew immediately that he had broken his hip.

An ambulance transported Marion to the Emergency Department at Pella Regional Health Center. At that point, Marion was in a lot of pain. “Everyone was so careful with me, as it was very painful,” said Marion. His internal medicine physician, Dr. Doug Kanis and Dr. Vincent, who Marion was planning to meet the following week for his knee met with him in Emergency.

A surgical repair to Marion’s hip happened the next day. “Dr. Vincent explained exactly what would happen in surgery,” said Marion. “The incision was very small and it has healed really well.”

Following surgery, Marion recovered on the hospital floor for a couple of days and then spent almost seven weeks in Skilled Care. Skilled care is for patients who aren’t ready to return to their homes, but no longer require acute care received in the hospital. Marion was not allowed to put any weight on his leg, making him a good candidate for skilled care.

“I spent a lot of time in therapy, but most of it was done sitting down because I wasn’t supposed to put any weight on that leg,” explained Marion. “Luckily, I wasn’t in too much pain because I broke the hip on a good spot.”

Looking back, Marion can’t believe he was in Skilled Care for nearly seven weeks. “Everyone was so good to me while I was there it didn’t seem like that long. After six weeks Dr. Vincent cleared me to walk and I left pretty quickly after that,” said Marion.

At that point, Pella Regional’s home health team started working with Marion. “I do the exercises they give me and it works very well,” said Marion. “The therapists who visited here could tell right away I was doing well, so now I’ll be visiting the hospital for my therapy instead of here at Pella Manor.”

“Marion’s determination to get back to his active lifestyle helped him progress with therapy,” said Courtney Creamer, physical therapy assistant at Pella Regional who worked with Marion throughout his experience with Pella Regional. “The first time I worked with Marion was a few days after surgery when he still just had difficulty getting out of bed. I continued to work with him while he was on Skilled Care where he progressed to being able to get up on his own and walk short distances with his walker. Once he was able to go home I worked again with him through Home Health where he progressed to being able to walk the whole distance of Pella Manor! It’s great to help your patients every step of their recovery to get back to doing the things they enjoy, like Tulip Time!”

While he knows he’s not back to his full strength, two months after his fall, Marion is doing much better. “I made it down to three parades,” said Marion about his Tulip Time activities. “I suppose it helps that I keep smiling and keep perspective. It’s been tremendous, really. I’ve been so blessed by God and with everyone who has supported me in this recovery.”